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German Court declares Worldwide mass surveillance unconstitutional

Worldwide mass surveillance by Germany’s intelligence (BND) service declared unconstitutional in landmark ruling on press freedom in the digital age “The ruling, the most far-reaching in this field in the past 20 years, sends an important signal for the protection […]

backup of the backup – Some Things That You Might Have Missed from George Orwell – Orwell left one final warning: “don’t let it happen”

Orwell left one final warning: 1984: “don’t let it happen” (alternative version) this is a “backup of the backup” that has taken from (offline since 2019) src: unfortunately did not backup the pictures 🙁 “Hrm. Wayback […]

FREIES WLAN FÜR AALE (und die anderen Fische auch)

wishes for next year: free wifi for eels (and other creatures) Why does EVERYONE have to run their own WIFI / pay their OWN internet access? When it would be enough to have one fast internet access plus 2-3x WIFI […]


Capitalism inspires the short sighted incentives. But trust and honesty is key in long term relationships. So for a short period of time – some dishonest people might enjoy the benefits – but in the end – it comes home […]

cost of cybercrime and lawful backdoors

“The cost to companies from malware and “malicious insider”-related cyberattacks jumped +12 percent in 2018 and accounted for one-third of all cyberattack costs, according to new research published today by Accenture and the Ponemon Institute.” src: logical consequence: stop […]

No more Music on Youtube! – Is article 13 destroying YouTube? – Artikel13 internet freedom sacrificed – result of influence of big establishment media Lobby in the EU – Wird Artikel 13 das internet zerstören? -Einfluss der Lobby großer Medienhäuser in EU deutlich spürbar

Update: Article13 for North Stream 2 pipeline between Germany and Russia Mrs Reda (one of the last honest politicians out there, used to be in Pirate Party but now even advises to vote against it, because also in the Pirate […]

winning influence and elections with Facebook’s / Your mother’s and Creepy Uncle’s Data Policy Statement and Data Privacy – Datenschutzerklärung

what to do to improve online privacy? use a privacy respecting DNS server by for example: (not google’s ( use Freifunk use a VPN such as: mullvad VPN Mozilla launched it’s own VPN service use tor […]