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too much Wifi WLAN exposure is a health problem – About AVM FritzBoxes (7390) Rename Network Device – Netzwerk Gerät umbenennen – Rename Router Device change hostname netbios name – Meshing with the FritzBox – Freifunk Firmware for FritzBoxes?

always say something positive first: FritzBoxes are great (DSL/LTE/…) internet routers (up to now) all FritzBoxes work with 12V DC (which is great for usage with small solar power stations (that are usually 12V based)) high quality & reliable secure […]

phpBB – Profile Avatar Picture 6KBytes size limit

… because one also cares about beauty… a default avatar picture is not an option… but phpBB has a very strict 6KBytes max file size limit for Profile Avatar Pictures…  which is almost impossible to reach with format.jpg or format.png […]


Thanks! thanks to all the contributors of open source soft- and hardware and people that share their knowledge online for free 🙂 i hope/think that better technology could possibly also change humans to the better… freely sharing information surely does […]


if possible (hardware support) please use replicant, not cyanogen – it might fix this backdoor: successor to cyanogen mod: LineageOS: All i9300 users: -> <- ClockworkMod, abbreviated as CWM, is a popular custom recovery for Android phones and tablets developed […]

GNU Linux Presentation Tag Ulm 2016
22.10.2016 / / /   The Linux Presentation Day (LPD) is a non-commercial, international event where members of the general public are invited to watch Linux helping with everyday situations and have the opportunity to test it and ask […]


activate forum (forum_id 30) watch for user_id 48 INSERT INTO `admin_mahnw_f`.`phpbb_forums_watch` (`forum_id`, `user_id`, `notify_status`) VALUES (‘0’, ‘0’, ‘0’), (’30’, ’48’, ‘1’); to speed things up… check out what user_ids are there and what forums they should watch. generate the MySQL […]


checkout and successor: vim /usr/bin/nautilus #!/bin/bash # set your filemanager here filemgr=thunar # set your webbrowser here, usually x-www-browser should be perfect webbrowser=x-www-browser ### DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BELOW HERE unless you know what you’re doing ### oldparams=$@ […]


top hotkeys: Shift+Strg+Y = Downloads Window Strg+T = new Tab / neuer Tab Strg+N = new Windows / neues Fenster Strg+W = close current Window or Tab / aktuellen Tab und Fenster schliessen Strg+S = save page / aktuelle Seite […]


the problem: *.rtfd seems to be a “stuck on OSX” problem… but actually TextEdit is a OpenSource (!) software 🙂                          4.0+20061029-3.4+b1               amd64        Text editor for GNUstep you can download debian packages here:;O=A and install it via: wget […]


it’s not a super sophisticated benchmark… but instead of rsyncing directly to QNAP i NFS-mounted a shared folder: and rsynced into that mounted folder… (i think rsync is way more CPU intense than NFS so it should perform way better […]


This video was published on Sep 13, 2012… I/O-Wise KVM does not seem to do a lot of RAM-Caching… VirtualBox does? dd shurely runs a lot faster on VirtualBox 😀 KVM does some impressive GPU-Pass-Through: Gaming on a Linux host […]


Kim Hesseok’s App Extractor let’s you backup any (?) App installed on your phone back into an *.apk – that then send via mail or bluetooth to someone’s phone. great job kim.


… the more common/widespread a software (for internet-connected-computers) gets, the more interesting it is for hackers to look for bugs that can be exploited to make money… either by hijacking your computer and use it on a botnet to attack other […]


In Wake Of Violence, France Reports Spike In Cyberattacks  19,000 French websites have been attacked since Jan. 7. Since the deadly shootings in Paris Jan. 7, cyber attackers have hit 19,000 French websites, mostly with denials of service. Admiral Arnaud […]


IMHO SPECIFICITY is a ugly word for saying “priority” of a css property. usually the last css rule overwrites the first ones. [cc lang=”css” escaped=”true” width=”500″] #divisor { max-width: 100%; background-color: red; height: 50px; } .divisor { max-width: 100%; height: […]