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Init Ram Disk filesystem – kind of mini OS in order to mount raid and start “the real /root os”. hostnamectl; # tested on Static hostname: debian9 Icon name: computer-vm Chassis: vm Machine ID: 532eabca552b4075a8679094397c8dba Boot ID: 15ee0b8e8a1e4d1eb1003c4630644091 Virtualization: microsoft […]

Linux Kernel – Security Updates

latest kernel related security problems can be found here… -> newsletter subsribe: also


debian has “codenames” for it’s releases… i always get confused which codename is what release number. with those commands you can easily identify both. hostnamectl seems to be the cross-distribution solution for that. user@suse12:~> hostnamectl Static hostname: suse12.domain Transient hostname: […]

watch linus torvalds work – lawyers try to destroy linux and the planet

by clicking on this link: (wow! this truly shows the power of Open Source / Free Software… complete transparency in development process) problem: lawyers without social skills WILL destroy the planet and mankind and linux “Linux’s creator is stepping […]

system logging – log files – rsyslog rsyslogd

TOS-based systems (Atari ST) used a row of bombs to indicate a critical system error. Number of bombs displayed revealed information about the error. The error (also called an exception) is reported by the Motorola 68000 microprocessor. The very first […]


# all these commands will modify /etc/passwd su – root # disable login for user usermod -s /usr/sbin/nologin username # change login-shell of username to bash usermod -s /bin/bash username # change login-shell of username to sh usermod -s /bin/sh […]

GNU linux time zones – change timezone

Debian 12 as systemd is installed per default but not the time-sync service #wtf? su – root apt install systemd-timesyncd timedatectl set-timezone Europe/Berlin systemctl status systemd-timesyncd timedatectl; # check if sync is on Local time: Fri 2023-12-08 16:21:41 CET Universal […]

gnu linux server and partitioning – stability and security

yeah one knows sometimes making fun of distributions that have a partition for every /root/folder but well yes it has it’s reasons, like when a program accumulates to much data (mailbox full), the /root partition and the system will not […]


there are plenty 😀 debian8.8 [cc lang=”bash” escaped=”true” width=”600″] uname -a; # tested with Linux debian 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.43-2 (2017-04-30) i686 GNU/Linux find / -type d -iname bin /bin /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /usr/share/doc/libintl-perl/examples/simplecal/bin /usr/lib/klibc/bin [/cc] suse12 [cc lang=”bash” escaped=”true” […]

GNU Linux – messing with XFS – Why XFS?

“XFS is a high performance journaling filesystem which originated on the SGI IRIX platform.” SGI (Silicon Graphics) is out of business since 2009. “The addition of 3D graphic capabilities to PCs, and the ability of clusters of Linux– and BSD-based […]


after killing this “Hung” process… htop still reported 100% cpu usage… but not by what process? top says it is systemd-coredum… p   ps uax|grep coredump root      4834 51.9  9.4 119256 95648 ?        R    16:39  11:24 /usr/lib/systemd/systemd-coredump 4716 1000 100 […]


what real value can add linux to mankind? efficiency – less power consumed – less waste – because it runs well on old hardware as well transparency – should actually dissalow tyrannie and dictatorship – because you SHOULD acutally be […]


Version used: SLE-12-SP2-Server-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso [cc lang=”bash” escaped=”true” width=”600″] uname -a; # version used Linux linux-mbha 4.4.21-69-default #1 SMP Tue Oct 25 10:58:20 UTC 2016 (9464f67) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux # check if firewall accepts incoming TCP connections on port 22 iptables […]

Debian8.7 vs CentOS7 vs. SUSE12 – kernel version – filesystem – directory structure – RAM memory usage

it is interesting to see what kernel+filesystem the distributions rely on. Kernels: While CentOS is still on 3.10, Debian is believing in 3.16, and SUSE is “latest” with it’s 4.4 Version kernel. you can upgrade with Debian to […]

SUSE Enterprise Server 12 Virtual Guest on Hyper-V 6 Windows 8 Host works

In contrast to SUSE ENTERPRISE 11, the Version 12 (SLE-12-SP2-Server-DVD-x86_64-GM-DVD1.iso) seems to have no problems as Guest on Hyper-V 6 on Win8. Download Link of Iso: (You will have to register first) About SUSE Enterprise Server: Product Description […]


cmatrix now also for centos redhat and suse12! 😀 the probably most important linux program in cyberspace…. and neither centos nor suse have it in their repositories. shame! 😀 matrix just changed color 😀 if you wanna feel like a […]

GNU Linux -> List all open ports and listening services /etc/services

what service/program is using what port: # list all open ports and listening services/programs lsof -i -P -n; web gui based -> watch traffic on terminal -> resource monitoring -> collectd/ nmap returns a nice overview… but […]


add user to group # official, cross distribution (tested with suse12, centos7, debian8) usermod -a -G GROUPNAME USERNAME # redhat/centos: usermod -a -G wheel user; # add user „user“ to group „wheel“ in order to allow user to use sudo […]