“WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin and Verizon are experimenting with 5G-enabled drones and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads in an effort that could ultimately enhance U.S. military command and control and in-the-field targeting abilities.

The two companies on Sept. 28 said they were able to securely share and analyze real-time data and other intel captured by a swarm of drones via fifth-generation wireless networks, both private and public.

The tests, conducted in May and September, and their results have significant battlefield implications, according to Dan Rice, the vice president of 5G.MIL programs at Lockheed.

“We demonstrated that 5G technology can help the DoD better detect and target adversarial assets in a military environment,” he said. “This technology detected and geolocated low-power RF signals that adversaries could use to communicate, sense or jam.” (src)

The Defense Department has for years studied 5G; its 2020 strategy described the generation as “far more disruptive” than its predecessors, such as 4G, and noted that high-speed connectivity will “transform the way militaries operate.” (src)

russian robots – and the future of warfare – or drone-fare

US & EU are afraid of “Chinese 5G”, while the Russians simply say “Chinese 5G? Why not, but with our encryption” X-D

Good & bad culture and use of technology – 1930 – Albert Einstein – about cows and the wonders of radio telecommunication


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