As with all hot debated topics: Linus Torvald’s “show me the source”

in this case, the source of one’s informations (always give the source!) is IMPORTANT for the information’s credibility.

It is absolutely vital in science to give all sources the data came from in order to spot errors/mistakes that might to lead to wrong informations and then wrong decisions (if a mistake is spotted please let one know here

The Media and Science community must be held accountable to this responsibility or the public will be lost in the “jungle of des-information”

WTF Denmark? Denmark keeps source code of Coronavirus tracing app secret

“Like many other European countries, Denmark also tries to track Sars-CoV-2 infections with a mobile phone tracing app.

However, against advice by health organisations and despite positive examples by other countries, the app is proprietary, so not being released under a Free Software (also called Open Source) license.” (src)

Statistics: Corona-Deaths vs Car-Accident-Deaths: How big is the problem really?

first off: this death-number crunching is psychological hefty shit, after all, behind every single death is a family tragedy.

Sincere condolence to all affected families.

At the same time political parties, the media, investors/banks and the pharma try to capitalize on the crisis: crisis as opportunity?

It surely is an opportunity for “everything online” like “schools online”.

Everyone that survives the crisis, can learn from the crisis.

(every country should be able to produce basic personal protective face masks and the complete supply chain, instead of depending on “the market” which (of course) sells to the highest bidder first, which brings countries into very evil and direct competition)

Is the crisis over?

depending on the media outlet people trust – yes and no.

so let’s work the statistics and compare the amount of people that die per month from car accidents to the amount that dies of corona (as one understands it: a “corona positive death” is a death that dies of organ failure, then being tested (post mortem) for corona positively, one is not a doctor and thus this might be wrong/not how it is done in reality)

but of course there is this saying: “never trust a statistic that you did not fake yourself” which is supposed to mean: the numbers will never be perfect.

  • if a country has more tests than another country it will most likely detect more cases that are reflected in the statistics
  • in other words:
    • if a country would do no testing at all
    • it then “looks” like as if this country had zero Corona cases, which is of course not true/the reality.

Germany: Corona-Deaths vs Car-Accident-Deaths

  • in 2019 Germany has an estimated 83 Million citizens (src:
  • in 2019 Germany has 47 Million registered cars (src:
  • “In 2019, 3 059 people died in road traffic accidents in Germany” (src:
    • 3059 / 12 Months = 254.91 ~ 255 humans suffer from a fatal car accident every month in Germany.
    • (This is (by accident) about the number that Florida has as well!)

now let’s compare it to the corona stats:


so on 7 day average 11 people per day died of corona in Germany.

on average a month has 365/12 = 30.41 days so

11 * 30 = 330 people die of corona every month in Germany.

This is slightly more (+75) than what die of car accidents per month in Germany.

So the danger/probability of dying of Corona in Germany is 330/255 = 1.29 times or +29% more than dying of an car accident, which is of course, still “not great”.

Florida: Corona-Deaths vs Car-Accident-Deaths

  • in 2019 Florida has 21 Million citizens (src:
  • there are 7.96 (so about 8) Million registered cars in Florida in 2019 (src:
  • there were 3,176 fatalities in 2,935 fatal accidents in 2016 (src:
    • 3176/12 = 264.66 ~ 265 people die per month because of an car accident in Florida


so on a 7 day average 38 people die in Florida of Corona

on average a month has 365/12 = 30.41 days so

38 * 30 = 1140 people die of corona every month in Florida.

This is significant more (+875) than what die of car accidents per month in Florida.

So the danger/probability of dying of Corona in Florida is 1140/265 = 4.3 times or +430% more/higher than dying of an car accident, which is of course, also “not great”.

the negative:

The Corona threat is real and it kills more people than car accidents 🙁

the positive:

At least from the stats of almost every country one can observe, that there is no exponential growth of Corona. (this is what gov would have feared the most and yes, facemasks and staying away from crowds can help here)

It is more a “every day a steady mount of x people” die directly/indirectly of Corona.

Sincere condolence to all families affected by car accidents and Corona.

the question that remains:

Why are the numbers so much worse in Florida?

(+401% higher probability to die of Corona for Floridians vs Germans?)

After all the economy in Florida just as Germany was shutdown in April 2020.

This article does not really help:

Why Germany was hit less by Corona than for example Italy could be explained, that most Germans already live in isolation per default X-D (the time of big families having 10 kids living in one room is mostly over)

the resume: an economic meteor

  • OF COURSE saving lifes is more important than money
  • the lockdown of about one month was very very painful for a very fragile globalized economy
    • it is called an economy “meteor”: “leaves traces like a meteorite impact that do not disappear overnight,” predicts Allianz and Euler Hermes chief economist Ludovic Subran. (src)
    • companies that operate in retail/restaurants/hotels/travel agencies are hit worst, a lot of companies that have insufficient savings might not survive, people will lose their jobs
  • it is still too early to completely count the amount of damage done to the economy/count
    • the number of companies that went out of business
    • the number of jobs lost as a direct result of the Corona virus crisis
    • it is predicted the fallout could be catastrophic if the state/politics does not intervene

Unemployment > 20% will very likely cause civil unrest

States NEED to save lifes while at the same time make sure the economy and the health system stays healthy:

okay to be fair: the current financial economic system NEVER considered sustainability more important than growth, now we all have to pay for that

so the economic system was “fu**ed up” before Corona, crisis after crisis hit this instable economic system.

very much recommend to everyone TEDx talk of Bernard Lietaer in Berlin about “sustainability: efficiency vs resilience”

  • small and medium sized businesses need to continue to operate
  • the state needs to support them in every possible way over the whole months of 2020 (it ain’t over yet)
  • help shift business and school activity online
  • allow restaurant to serve takeway
  • provide fast easy accessible financial aid/cheap loans
  • govs can deal with possible fraudsters later as the cost of joblessness are uprisings, what bankster is going to pay for that?

link related to topic:

when there is something that can be learned from the Corona-Virus: Survival in the Universe was never easy

and: We are all in this together

  • old & young
  • rich & poor

Joan McAlpine, SNP MSP for the South of Scotland, tweeted that she wishes Charles a speedy recovery, but added: “Given that his symptoms are said to be mild, like many I wonder how he was tested when many NHS and social care workers cannot get tested.

so show some solidarity!

the old: stop destroying the planet by unsustainable survival!

the young: stay away from the crowds do not visit the old in times of viral corona

is this Mother Nature’s revenge on the arrogance of the government and lobbyists:
Health system broken by budget cuts and privatization?

ist das die Rache von Mutter Natur am Hochmut der Regierung und Lobbyisten:

Gesundheitssystem Kaputt Gespart und Kaputt Privatisiert?

in English: “I myself am a nurse and have to say that in a long long time nobody cared about us. Wages were not adapted. But now wer are the “everyday heros”. Many years we worked with minimal staff and suffered budget cuts from the government. Hopefully this (the virus) will change that.”

WHO Coron Dashboard / Übersicht / Overview:

2020-02-23: World:

2020-02-23: Italy Only:

Statistiken aus Italien: (2020-03-22)

diese Zahlen schüren Angst.

Erst recht wenn man diese komplett ohne Quellenangabe und Kontext verwendet wie das sehr große News-Fabriken machen.


pro panik: Lesch

contra panik: Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi

Wer ist Sucharit Bhakdi?

Sucharit Bhakdi (* 1. November 1946 in Washington, D.C.) ist ein Mediziner und Facharzt für Mikrobiologie.

Er war Professor an der Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz und Leiter des dortigen Instituts für Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Hygiene.[1]


Was stimmt nun?

Hat der Physiker recht?

oder der Mikrobiologe?

There is enough planet for everybody (but not for the greed of the 1%)

This planet (if treated right/sustainable!) has enough space/resources for 10 Billion people and even more!

Mass Confusion!

hard rock version:

female ballad version:

male ballad version:

Updates: India goes into 21 day lockdown

the true question is: is our (financial)economic system – a house of poker cards

and will it fall at the slightest sneeze/breeze?

The Max Keiser Report thinks so and goes for bitcoin.

But maybe BitCoin is a trap, set by the spying CIA/NSA agencies for even more power and control in 1984 style.

Printing FIAT money for selfish reasons/aims/gains without the worker also getting a fair share (MORE JOBS AND PAY RISE!) will destroy the FIAT system itself.

But those in “in power” seem not be able to see it, too ignorant or lacking consciousness of this fact, or maybe they do it ON PURPOSE to move towards a state owned 1984 crypto currency system.

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