The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: “be careful what you reveal to your friend” (the internet)

“where it has gone from defending America to controlling it”

data google tries to collect from users:

(it is probably only the tip of the iceberg)

what if – instead of security – Google wants mass surveillance and a direct uplink to the US-Pentagon to blow all “terrorists” (basically anyone who is against Google) to hell?

this age of mass surveillance…

… who is observing “the observers”?

What if?

update: 2020-10

as long as EVIL pays off (incentive) this (man made) world will be EVIL

BeyondCorp: Google’s new Approach to Security: we need to know EVERYTHING about the user, in order to trust the user

is a foul game and it won’t work X-D

this approach does not have security in mind, but a hidden political agenda, that can only come out of a very evil and power addicted (ex)CEO’s mind with only one goal:

to “take over” the world

Created with GIMP

After all: identities can be stolen, just look at “Sim Swapping”

So in short: Google wants to rule the world

in order to rule the world they need you to give them all your data – so the Google-KI (controlled by the US Pentagon) can now – if it should destroy you or not.

more details please: Google the BigBrother from 1984

  • instead of firewalls (from what network is user coming from)
  • Google wants to give access based on very detailed informations they have on the user

“instead we identify them because of the device they have in their pocket or their backpack” (src:

“we move all of their identification to their device” (src:

= this of course only works, if you can very very very carefully identify people = which is exactly what the NSA does = which means: “we (Google, Pentagon, NSA) need to know EVERYTHING about you, so give us access to all your devices and data, this approach requires DETAILED MASS SURVEILLANCE

what Snowden calls: “building perfect records of people’s lifes” (where no detail is left out, so they will even know how often you have used the toilet today and what color the sh** had)

this IS the BigBrother dystopia Orwell warned about

for those who missed his last words here they are – again.:



free open source hardware: what can users do?

where the user controls the program

not the program controls the user

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