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How far has the BigBrother from 1984 already gone?

“Thank you” i feel much safer now, that you know EVERYTHING about me, you, everybody. it is about influencing and directing the masses like a herd of cattle. Room 641A is a telecommunication interception facility in the SBC Communications […]

Spectre and Meltdown – Linus Torvalds infuriated by Intel insanity – Open CPU and rise of RISC? RISCV – hifive1

Update: 2020.03 “The newly developed Rowhammer- attack TRRespass can crack the RAM-a security mechanism by many DDR4-DRAM-modules as well as LPDDR4 Chips. Until now, these were considered to be almost immune to Rowhammer attacks.” Update: 2019.10 Zombieload is back. […]

The Unix philosophy – simple and beautiful

src: The Unix philosophy emphasizes building simple, short, clear, modular, and extensible code that can be easily maintained and repurposed by developers other than its creators. The Unix philosophy favors composability as opposed to monolithic design. Later summarized by […]

russian robots – and the future of warfare – or drone-fare

as idiotic as it sounds… but the drone wars of Star Wars and the shit from iron man 3 could actually become reality… … why do you think Google just sponsored a robot challenge? Maybe to help older people wipe their […]


“every breath you take… every step you take… I’ll be watching you…” “every game you play … every word you say… ” “oh can’t you see – you belong to mee… ” if you want to get extra-points in your US-terrorist-ranking… […]


Man kann den Hintern schminken wie man will, es wird kein ordentliches Gesicht daraus. Kurt Tucholsky (1890 – 1935 (Freitod)), Pseudonyme Kaspar Hauser, Peter Panter, Theobald Tiger, Ignaz Wrobel, deutscher Schriftsteller und Journalist, Literatur- und Theaterkritiker der Zeitschrift »Die Schaubühne« […]


… dass die “Grossen” bevorzugt werden: Telefonrechnungen bis 130 Euro pro Monat: Bis 30 Prozent können als geschäftlicher Anteil abgesetzt werden. Bis 230 Euro monatlich: Bis zu 40 Prozent geschäftlicher Anteil. Telefonkosten über 230 Euro im Monat können in voller […]

15.09.2014 i am not a citicen of the US… but you can use Wal Marts Adress in Texas if you want 😀,+Texas,+United+States/@30.3077609,-97.7534014,11z/data=!3m1!4b1 It’s our Internet. We made it, and it has remade us, changing the way we communicate, learn, […]

XMPP vs Signal vs Threema vs WhatsApp vs SecureText vs Telegram vs – Telegram HQ in Saudi Arabia and London and other 1984 thought crimes

XMPP: Project Name Platforms Apache Vysper Linux / Windows AstraChat Linux / macOS / Solaris / Windows ejabberd Linux / macOS / Windows IoT Broker Windows Isode M-Link Linux / Windows jackal Linux / macOS Metronome IM Linux […]


Wenn Sie die Diktierfunktion Ihres Computers verwenden, werden Ihre Diktate aufgezeichnet und an Apple zum Konvertieren Ihres Diktats in Text gesendet. Ihr Computer sendet auch andere Daten an Apple, etwa Ihren Vornamen und Spitznamen sowie die Namen, Spitznamen und Beziehungen […]


I really wonder what the software-culture @ RIM is… … it seems to be a little “aberrational” / “blunderous“. Just like Microsoft nobody is perfect. But what when it comes to trust? Look how beautiful their readme is displayed: (completely […]


is this the resurrection of the filehoster “megaupload” that was taken down by the FBI? Kim Dotcom Principal Strategist 10. The New Zealand court found that the New Zealand police used an illegal search warrant to confiscate […]

29.10.2013 Lebensmittelgesetze[Bearbeiten] “Für den Fall, dass die verfassungsrechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen eines oder mehrerer EU-Staaten eine Volksabstimmung zur Ratifizierung erforderlich machen, können hierbei die EU-Vertreter den USA nicht allzu weit entgegenkommen. Während in Europa beispielsweise genveränderte Lebensmittel bei Konsumenten und Politikern auf […]