Efficiency is good in terms of: saving resources. Same results with less (power and other) input.
  • good people need to be cultivated, by culture.
  • Culture does not simply mean “gifts on Christmas” and “Lederhosen”.
    • (that’s what it has become, also heavily comercialized)
  • Culture is a the WAY of LIVING
  • Who is responsibly for cultivating good people?
  • Or there will be no “good culture” at all, because “the system” did not recognize it as “vital” (also for it’s own survival)
    • so the system was “ignorant” and “blind” and all there is, is the quality of people that is “automatically” produced by this finance dominated economic system (which might be (sometimes) efficient, but has severe non sustainable (meaning: it is going to end) catastrophic sideffects in multiple ways, be it environmental pollution or psychological damage)
    • 2017:13% of the global population – some 971 million people – suffer from some kind of mental disorder” (src)
    • 2022: sick leave days because of mental problems is up +41% in Germany over the last 10 years

Ever wondered, why GitHub (bought by M$ in 2018, hosting thousands of open source projects) do not make their code public aka open source?

“GitHub is not open source. Pragmatically, this doesn’t make much of a difference to most users.” (https://opensource.com)

Wow. What a statement from a domain such as https://opensource.com.

Pragmatically opensource.com just said:

  • “Ultimately, saying that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.”
  • “Or that you don’t care about freedom of the press because you don’t like to read.”
  • “Or that you don’t care about freedom of religion because you don’t believe in God.”
  • “Or that you don’t care about the freedom to peaceably assemble because you’re a lazy, antisocial agoraphobe.”
  • “Just because this or that freedom might not have meaning to you today doesn’t mean that it doesn’t or won’t have meaning tomorrow, to you, or to your neighbor”

from: Snowden: “Permanent Record”

Edward Snowden – Permanent Record – democracy + mass surveillance is no democracy – “the cloud” largely a DELL and CIA invention – Snowden and Socrates thinkers of society

remember: com stands for commercial, not for communication.

GitHub is written in Ruby <-sloooow
JavaScript <- hopefully only for animations
Go <- congratz to Google-Alphabet
C[3] <- okay

“From 2012, Microsoft became a significant user of GitHub, using it to host open-source projects and development tools such as .NET Core, Chakra Core, MSBuild, PowerShell, PowerToys, Visual Studio Code, Windows Calculator, Windows Terminal and the bulk of its product documentation (now to be found on Microsoft Docs).[38][39]

On June 4, 2018, Microsoft announced its intent to acquire GitHub for US$7.5 billion.”

It was one of M$ BOLDEST move to buy up “Open Source” in a tactics that is known as: “If you can not defeat your enemy (GNU Linux), you have to shake his hand” (and buy all related companies, so GNU Linux is still M$’ enemy, but it is better for M$ to (atleast temporarily) work together, just as Google worked with Mozilla to COMPLETE financial dependence and minimum marketshare, congratz! all involved! (Google Chrome browser is a CLEAR knockoff of the Firefox browser (was UNABLE to install ANY adblocker for chrome, while on Firefox it is easy it X-D (ublock, also hosted at github)

Well just hope, those $7.5 Billion where used to start up 10.000x open source competitors to github? no? (damn was it in the contract? what a shame, almost treason to Open Source and Linus’ git! (which should be seen as another case of: #CyberCrime)


Yes, the possibility of self-hosed GitLab (but imho is also already pretty complex (complexity is THE ENEMY of good software)

Written in Ruby, Go and Vue.js


Google says: Thank You Mrs Baker – you successfully destroyed the Firefox browser! – Alternatives to Chrome and Firefox?

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