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old but still rocking games – Severance – Blade of Darkness

“Knights, Orks and Skeletons (of course)” Severance Blade of Darkness (2001) is an very very old (almost 20 (!!!) years now) open world adventure game almost a “Lara Croft” in “the middle ages” meeting Orks from “Lord of the Rings” […]

retro computing: win95 win98 as virtualbox vm running on linux host

tested on: Operating System: CentOS Linux 7 (Core) CPE OS Name: cpe:/o:centos:centos:7 Kernel: Linux 4.15.9 Architecture: x86-64 # using vboxmanage –version 5.2.6r120293 ah lovely isn’t it? BSOD Win98 style… errors were NOT the exception, they were THE NORM (and still […]

3d standard evolving on the browser

web3d awesome! you can walk here with cursor buttons and tilt up and down with mouse wheel: and even upload your own pictures: marbleous: But the website itself is pretty impressive: unfortunately the tux web flying simulator did […]


cool apt-get install fortune cowsay; # will have to be installed first then you can let your dinosaur speak 😀  /usr/games/cowsay -f stegosaurus “Hello World”  _____________ < Hello World >  ————- \                             .       .  \                           / `.   .’ ”   […]

Star Citizen

Wow! 2 Millions on in CrowdFunding from Kickstarter Star Citizen Live Stats: Funds Raised 142,400,560 USD By Star Citizens: 1,732,349 Don’t tell me that ain’t sufficient 😀 Hide PC requirements Windows 7 (64 bit) – Service Pack 1, Windows […]

Red Faction 3 – Guerilla – Screenshots

Some game mag titled it “GTA on Mars” – well i guess that kind of nails it, because in Part 3 “TerraForming” is not possible any more… just “buildings” not mountains. I loved RedFaction1 and RedFaction2 (in this two titles […]


Mir ist zwar nicht genau klar inwiefern sich die Lernergebnisse auf JavaScript, Java und C++ dann anwenden lassen… aber ein kreativer Umgang mit der Technologie und direkte optisches Feedback sind jedenfalls wichtig um die Motivation beim Programmieren nicht verstummen zu […]


I WANT TO DO MORE GAMES 🙂 But so far the only game i have done (in two days in FLASH :-D) is MULTIPLAYER: PONG! Player1: Cursor Up/Down Player2: W / S I think i have to REDO in JavaScript […]


Das wirklich geniale an dem Spiel: Steuerung und Physik sind in Ordnung – man hat das Gefühl einen sich relativ realistisch verhaltenden also “echten” Wagen zu fahren…. welcher driftet… quietscht und raucht… und beim Sprung über die Rampe sich realistisch […]