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online coworking space – New Ways of Online Interaction and Cooperation – creative innovative fun format for Digital Online Conferences as RPG GAME! Nürnberger Digital Festival

update: join me @ first of: the online conferecing as RPG game format is really fun and innovative idea to make online events more fun! 🙂 (it is accompanied by live streams via vimeo or youtube) Corona will […]

ut2004 – players vs (more) bots (than players)

why mess with this old game? (it is on steam… for some countries) because it has it can be run on GNU Linux online multiplayer a lot of game modes such as “onslaught” (build & defend bases) capture the flag […]

old but still rocking games – Severance – Blade of Darkness

“Knights, Orks and Skeletons (of course)” Severance Blade of Darkness (2001) is an very very old (almost 20 (!!!) years now) open world adventure game almost a “Lara Croft” in “the middle ages” meeting Orks from “Lord of the Rings” […]


while the Unreal Engine has a great reputation for being very realistic looking (despite the name X-D) but physics was often neglected or lacking at all. not so anymore? what was great about red faction 1 (THQ (2001–2013)) – you […]

retro computing: win95 win98 as virtualbox vm running on linux host

tested on: Operating System: CentOS Linux 7 (Core) CPE OS Name: cpe:/o:centos:centos:7 Kernel: Linux 4.15.9 Architecture: x86-64 # using vboxmanage –version 5.2.6r120293 ah lovely isn’t it? BSOD Win98 style… errors were NOT the exception, they were THE NORM (and still […]

3d standard evolving on the browser

web3d awesome! you can walk here with cursor buttons and tilt up and down with mouse wheel: and even upload your own pictures: marbleous: But the website itself is pretty impressive: unfortunately the tux web flying simulator did […]


cool apt-get install fortune cowsay; # will have to be installed first then you can let your dinosaur speak 😀  /usr/games/cowsay -f stegosaurus “Hello World”  _____________ < Hello World >  ————- \                             .       .  \                           / `.   .’ ”   […]

Star Citizen

Wow! 2 Millions on in CrowdFunding from Kickstarter Star Citizen Live Stats: Funds Raised 142,400,560 USD By Star Citizens: 1,732,349 Don’t tell me that ain’t sufficient 😀 Hide PC requirements Windows 7 (64 bit) – Service Pack 1, Windows […]

Red Faction 3 – Guerilla – Screenshots

Some game mag titled it “GTA on Mars” – well i guess that kind of nails it, because in Part 3 “TerraForming” is not possible any more… just “buildings” not mountains. I loved RedFaction1 and RedFaction2 (in this two titles […]


Mir ist zwar nicht genau klar inwiefern sich die Lernergebnisse auf JavaScript, Java und C++ dann anwenden lassen… aber ein kreativer Umgang mit der Technologie und direkte optisches Feedback sind jedenfalls wichtig um die Motivation beim Programmieren nicht verstummen zu […]


I WANT TO DO MORE GAMES 🙂 But so far the only game i have done (in two days in FLASH :-D) is MULTIPLAYER: PONG! Player1: Cursor Up/Down Player2: W / S I think i have to REDO in JavaScript […]