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create new file: /wp-content/themes/yourtheme-child/ <?php require_once ‘../../../wp-config.php’; /* get properties of specific master-slider slider  *  * js to decode params:  * var decodeFix = function(str) {     var decoded = B64.decode(str);     return decoded.slice(0, decoded.lastIndexOf("}") + 1) }; […]


in theory it should work like that (untested!): /**  * Validate the extra register fields.  *  * @param  string $username          Current username.  * @param  string $email             Current email.  * @param […]


This last section contains various suggestions regarding Plugin development. The code of a WordPress Plugin should follow the WordPress Coding Standards. Please consider the Inline Documentation Standards as well. All the functions in your Plugin need to have unique names […]


Links Source: Plugin API/Filter Reference This article contains an extensive (but not 100% comprehensive) list of the filter hooks available for use in plugin development in Version 2.1 and above of WordPress. For more information: To learn more […]


WordPress is FREE, isn’t it? Yeaaaah… almost. It is released unde the GPLv2 which makes it basically Open Source. 1. first of all there is hosted which sells “PRO” and “LIGHT” Versions of a hosted instance of a […]