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nuclear and non-nuclear EMP and solar storms can fry your car and computers and external backup media?

BUT the sun is ALSO protecting Earth & Mars from EVEN MORE cosmic radiation (that voyager 1 experienced) Veritasium: get the Space Warn Weather App 😀 update: 2021-03: fast answers: EMP is a serious threat to all […]

Setup Bluetooth Headset under linux debian gnome2 mate desktop

preparations on terminal: detect your hardware: you can get old but well supported notebooks/laptops here like the dell latitude e4310 with this intel-spy-on-me wifi/bluetooth module on board: lshw |grep lue description: Bluetooth wireless interface product: DW375 Bluetooth Module capabilities: bluetooth […]

XMPP vs Signal vs Threema vs WhatsApp vs SecureText vs Telegram vs – Telegram HQ in Saudi Arabia and London and other 1984 thought crimes

XMPP: Project Name Platforms Apache Vysper Linux / Windows AstraChat Linux / macOS / Solaris / Windows ejabberd Linux / macOS / Windows IoT Broker Windows Isode M-Link Linux / Windows jackal Linux / macOS Metronome IM Linux […]