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2024 is the year + SuperCharge IT processes with OpenSource + GNU Linux + kvm + there is still more potential + Intel Xeon vs AMD EPYC vs Altra ARM CPU vs Apple M1 benchmark battle! + M$ Office for GNU Linux

Hetzner is already doing it with very energy efficient Ampere ARM servers delivering world-class-cost-and-energy-saving-virtual-servers. (Gigabyte has them as well UNTESTED!) #SuperCharge #IT processes with #OpenSource + #GNU #Linux (call it #GNU #Linux and give the dude that wrote gcc some […]

GNU Linux review best git gui 2024 comparison – how to setup and git clone a repo via ssh with SmartGit – how to use with eclipse – how to automatically git pull download refresh repo with latest changes before editor gui ide start?

git is a complex source code repository management system that completely relies on file transactions this means: there is no running service or open port (except if git-over-ssh is used, all it needs for network multi developer cooperation is a […]

What every office needs

a sofa/couch: considered “completely normal” in Japan and called: “Inemuri,” the Japanese Art of Taking Power Naps at Work, on the Subway, and Other Public Places a table socker table! (2:2, 1:2, 2:1, max 4 players) alternatives: this would be […] cheat sheet

problem: github was sold to M$, so can’t use it anymore. no problem: got ssh running on the server? than the user is only one step away from hosting one’s own git repository that will be synced up (push) and […]


Angela Merkel hat sich beschwert, dass nur eines der Top-3-IT-Unternehmen aus Deutschland stammt (SAP). “Wenn wir keine innovativen Jobs schaffen, werden wir uns diesen Sozialstaat nicht mehr lange leisten können.” S.h. auch dazu: Recht hat Sie. Aber konkrete Vorschläge wie […]


Update: 2018-6: It’s official: Microsoft will spend a whopping $7.5 billion to buy GitHub THE LINUX KERNELS ARE managed @ github! see for yourself: Linus Torvalds, after using CVS at a commercial company he experienced it as beeing a pointless […]


The rules of a successful life stand over the rules of software project management. 1. The meaning of life is to be happy. If you are not a psychopath (have social skills as compassion, empathy) you will also want others […]


the git-concept: 1. you have a local git repository (/var/www/projectname/.git) 2. via commandline you “hook-up” the local repository with a remote repository (transmission is done via ssh, keys or password) 3. first you commit to local repository, than you do […]


PLEASE WATCH ONLY IN HD! OTHERWISE TOO BLURRY! THANKS! (it’s highly compressed) Now you got your git repository cloned…. to get write access @ sourceforge git repo: 1. register @ 2. generate ssh-keys 3. upload your public key […]


Integrate/Install Subversion PlugIn into Aptana 3 Before starting the integration of subversion, check for Aptana Updates and install them. Do this in the main menu ‘Help’ -> ‘Check for Updates’. After finishing the update, restart aptana. Now you are ready […]


Feb.2013 this is german please use google translate to get english content. thank you! SO GEIL ENDLICH HAT DAS MAL JEMAND AUFGESCHRIEBEN. ICH EMPFEHLE, DIE SERVER-SEITIGE ENTWICKLUNGSUMGEBUNG AUF EINEM RAID gestützen TEST-WEB-SERVER MIT ZU INSTALLIEREN (wie s.h. hier: AM BESTEN […]


1. backup you rexisting installation: check conf/locale.php where your savedir is pointing, also backup this directory (may be outside of web root /var/www !) tar fcvz dokuwiki_backup_DATE.tar.gz /var/www/dokuwiki-installation/ 2. transfer to new server using rsync ( i recommend using screen […]