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How to run WatchPower software GNU Linux Debian – reading writing good quality Voltronic (aka MasterPower PMS 5K-48TOP Off-Grid aka Axpert MKS II 5K aka  MF-OMEGA-UM5KV3 aka MPPSolar aka STECA KATEK SOLARIX PLI 5000W 48V (DO NOT BUY CHEAP CLONES FROM PowMr EASUN PowLand VEVOR WKS) solar hybrid inverter – how to heat LiFePo4 in winter the smart way?

ultimate documentation forum thread concerning this topic can be found here. the protocoll: Voltronic_Auslesen_Protocoll_HS_MS_MSX_RS232_Protocol_20140822_after_current_upgrade.pdf Communication format: Baud rate: 2400 Start bit: 1 Data bit: 8 Parity bit: N Stop bit: 1 how to run WatchPower under GNU Linux PARTLY FINISHED […]