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Web Power Statistics for Masterpower-Voltronic – How to run WatchPower software GNU Linux Debian – reading writing good quality Voltronic (aka MasterPower PMS 5K-48TOP Off-Grid aka Axpert MKS II 5K aka  MF-OMEGA-UM5KV3 aka MPPSolar aka STECA KATEK SOLARIX PLI 5000W 48V (DO NOT BUY CHEAP CLONES FROM PowMr EASUN PowLand VEVOR WKS) solar hybrid inverter – how to heat LiFePo4 in winter the smart way?

most important: use the WatchPower version that comes on CD with the solar charge controller, as newer or older versions might not be working (incompatible, changes in protocol etc) it might wise to use a galvanic isolator (even the shielding […]

nuclear and non-nuclear EMP and solar storms can fry your car and computers and external backup media?

BUT the sun is ALSO protecting Earth & Mars from EVEN MORE cosmic radiation (that voyager 1 experienced) Veritasium: get the Space Warn Weather App 😀 update: 2021-03: fast answers: EMP is a serious threat to all […]