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GNU Linux mate desktop how to reset keyring password

keyring is a file that stores all sorts of (for example wifi) passwords encrypted Gnome2 based MATE per default creates keyring here: ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring so if the keyring password is lost, only a new keyring can be created. rm -rf ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring […]

wie privatsphäre online verbessern mit tor und kostenloser vpn firmware für router / How to protect privacy online with tor and free vpn firmware for routers – how to setup tor node / Как защитить конфиденциальность онлайн с помощью tor и бесплатной прошивки vpn для роутеров – как настроить tor узел / Як захистити конфіденційність в Інтернеті за допомогою tor і безкоштовної прошивки VPN для маршрутизаторів – як налаштувати вузол tor / Cómo proteger la privacidad en línea con tor y firmware vpn gratuito para enrutadores: cómo configurar el nodo tor / Comment protéger la confidentialité en ligne avec tor et le firmware VPN gratuit pour routeurs – comment configurer le nœud tor / 如何使用路由器的tor和免费VPN固件在线保护隐私 – 如何设置tor节点

0) for security: keep all internet connected devices as up to date as possible! “Freifunk updates its router firmware and closes a critical security vulnerability that could allow attackers to install their own firmware on the devices” (src: Also […]

1984 mass surveillance: for a better world? – trust – mass surveillance – and why is there so much violence on TV? – the trust problem between gov and citizens needs to be addressed – Trump to end all encryption? – short version summary of 1984

scroll down and behave! (slaves of digital dictatorships) short version summary of 1984: short version: 1984 needs to be avoided at any cost. because: it is evil. (Google did not drop it’s motto “don’t be evil” for nothing) in essence: […]

04.04.2020 hm…. let me think where one has seen this before: TELEGRAM! Zoom’s service is “not suited for secrets” “The researchers also found that Zoom protects video and audio content using a home-grown encryption scheme, that there is a vulnerability […]

Post-Quantum Cryptography

Videos: ssh thanks for sharing even when the audio is pretty crappy. slides (hard to read on video) can be found here: “dropbear” is ambedded ssh server Made in Australia (wiki) also available as Android App naming: a “dropbear” […]

Russian IT Security Updates 2020-01

now WITH SPICY COMMENTS X-D SecurityLab, [22.12.19 12:40] A Twitter user using the alias 08Tc3wBB created tfp0-an exploit that allows you to jailbreak the latest iPhone models with IOS 13.3. The functionality of the exploit has already been confirmed by […]

quantum computing and a universe wide wireless communication network faster than the speed of light

Why is quantum computing important: optimization Update: Google claims to have reached quantum supremacy The tech giant unveiled its x-quantum computer chip Bristlecone in March 2018 (src: cnet) original nasa paper: book: Scott’s Supreme Quantum Supremacy FAQ! […]

backdoors in hardware – Intel Anti Theft Brick Code
16.12.2018 While “backdoors” in hardware sound like a good idea… you don’t know how hackers are using it to sabotage infrastructure or extort bitcoins of another country’s companies… see “backdoor in cisco router“. IT IS F**** DANGEROUS! ESPECIALLY if […]


you should setup harddisk encryption during setup. to add an encrypted /home partition afterwards might be possible but a lot more effort. scroll very down if you want to know how to encrypt an usb sticks … needless to say […]

gpg cheat sheet – encrypting files with gpg

Warning! while gpg is very likely sound and solid encryption – what is far more likely to be compromised is YOUR HARDWARE – every network card – wifi card – usb UMTS G3 modem – PCI-Card – contains enough RAM […]

GNU Linux -> How to Install TrueCrypt / VeraCrypt / ZuluCrypt

Veracrypt command line usage: manpage: # start interactive command line wizard veracrypt -t -c # to create a new encrypted volume or usb stick Volume type: 1) Normal 2) Hidden Select [1]: # dismount all volumes currently mounted /usr/bin/veracrypt […]

Getting started with PGP

PGP stands for “PGP is the short form for Pretty Good Privacy” how it works: it is an encryption system that allows data to be encrypted with an world-known public key, then savely transported to the intended receiver and only […]


stuff: GNU Linux -> How to Install TrueCrypt / VeraCrypt / ZuluCrypt Veracrypt command line usage: manpage: # start interactive command line wizard veracrypt -t -c # to create a new encrypted volume or usb stick Volume type: 1) […]


checkout and successor: vim /usr/bin/nautilus #!/bin/bash # set your filemanager here filemgr=thunar # set your webbrowser here, usually x-www-browser should be perfect webbrowser=x-www-browser ### DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING BELOW HERE unless you know what you’re doing ### oldparams=$@ […]


update: 2020-02: First of: thanks! PGP + enigmail + Thunderbird is is working great on for example: GNU Debian Linux 10. And setup now can be done by normal users. (the enigmail wizard is pretty nice) THANKS ALL INVOLVED 🙂 […]