the tax injustice rant – the new tax free upper limit for AirBnB, eBay & Co is 2000EUR or 29 trades per year – tax injustice double cum-ex standards – how to where to view yearly eBay turnover – jährlichen gesamt Umsatz und Anzahl Verkäufe einsehen Übersicht

Paying taxes is no fun Paying taxes double and tripple is even less fun. Because let’s face it: when buying a pair of NEW shoes in Germany the average German Joe already pays at least 19% MwSt. plus the income […]


aac is a great format. it uses less space whan wav, while preserving the quality of sound (sound is important) to almost 100%$ (losless). hostnamectl; # tested with Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) su – root apt update apt […]

uBlock how to blog specific tag by class

Hello data traveler, just in case looking for the same answer, did not figure out, how to blog a specific <tag> (including it’s content </tag> UNLESS it has a class: <tag class=”AnnoyingAds” then it goes like this: ! 2023-04-03 […]

the positive the negative: bigdata + AI could help early detect cancer | privacy is security – why mass surveillance – German court rules mass bulk data gathering (calls, SMS, IP including location) illegal

the positive: Okay let’s ALWAYS focus on the positive first: data, the web, free flow of information has given mankind new abilities: online learning-from-each-other (“social learning” one of said to be strong points of humans vs animals) better decision making […]

StarTrek inspiration for real HighTech Space Travel – Inspirational intros & the humans behind StarTrek – List of Next Generation story writers and directors – current (CH4, H2 & ion) and future (pulse and nuclear) thruster – why StarTrek Piccard SUCKS

For inspiration to space travel, it is enough to watch the excellent-music scifi intros 😀 space travel inspirations – best most epic Sci Fi theme songs and intros current status quo of propulsion: SpaceX’s Starship 33x raptors (go raptors! go!) […]