How to – reset Siemens Gigaset Telefon Telephone PIN PINs

Reset Basisstationen ein Reset der Basisstation bewirkt Folgendes: die Einstellungen sind im Lieferzustand die PIN lautet “0000” alle Mobilteile sind abgemeldet SIEMENS Gigaset 1010, 1015, 2010, 2015, 2011, 2016 (ausser 2016 plus) sowie baugleiche Telekom Sinus 43 und 44: Trennen […]

How to step debug debugging rust in vim 8.1

“Basically, rust-gdb is a wrapper that loads external Python pretty-printing scripts into GDB. This is useful (and somewhat necessary) when debugging more complex Rust programs because it significantly improves the display of Rust data types.” (src) what the developer has […]

What is Right – What is Wrong – with great powers comes great responsibility (aka the “Peter-Parker-principle” (Spiderman 2002)) – Big Tech with better and betters Tools and without better Ethics Morals unkowing what is Right or Wrong

in short: humans per default, without an education might just be “better” apes. Some parts of mankind behave very primitive and clearly show no signs of higher intelligence or education. The troubles start, when the tools become more and more […]

GNU Linux how to vim install VimPlug

tested on hostnamectl Static hostname: lenovo Icon name: computer-laptop Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) Kernel: Linux 4.19.0-17-amd64 Architecture: x86-64 preperations: su – root apt update # install vim and git and curl apt install vim git curl # install […]

TCPIP Ethernet over Power Lines – AV600 Powerline-Kit mit WLAN-Extender TP-LINK TL-WPA4220KIT test review benchmark what speeds to expect
13.Jun.2021 Guide.pdf first of: after plugin: hit the “Pair” button (short) on every device in order for those devices to link up with each other this device has a dhcp enabled per default, but the ip is not […]

TP-Link Outdoor Accesspoint AC1200 (EAP225-Outdoor) Hardware Version v1 – ssh enabled (but NO WDS Bridging Client/Bridge/Repeater/AP Client Router mode) – GNU Linux script to monitor Wifi WLAN connection link speed

where the Chinese and especially TP-Link and Huawai are very strong is data over radio (4G/LTE/5G/Wifi…) especially the TP-Link products have proven to work pretty well, but they are using Qualcomm Atheros, which is US-technology (Headquarters in San Jose, CA, […]

Apple wants to become the new Google: BigBadBoldBigDataMothership

Apple wants to become the new Google: BigBadBoldBigDataMothership as a once proud Apple user… (yes GNU Linux Debian 10 actually runs pretty well on the Intel-Macbook-Pros) yes they are beautiful spies… Pure Beauty & Nostalgia: Apple Macbook Pro 9,2 (A1278) […]

GoodBye WhatsApp (Facebook) GoodBye (Telegram) – Hello Signal (there is even a Desktop Version :) (also featuring: CareGiving & scary Dentist robots)

get the App for Android/Samsung get the App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Privacy just as Security is a never ending story. Signal was once even recommended by Snowden. According to “wired” the Signal encryption is solid and widely adopted […]