Python on GNU Linux mate how to run script in external separate terminal window

hostnamectl; # tested on Static hostname: debian12DevPython Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-20-amd64 Architecture: x86-64 python –version Python 3.11.2; # tested on vim #!/usr/bin/env python import subprocess process = subprocess.Popen(‘/usr/bin/mate-terminal -e /run/some/’.split(), stdout=subprocess.PIPE) output, error = […]

GNU Linux Debian bluetooth manager

hostnamectl; # tested with Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-21-amd64 Architecture: x86-64 apt update apt install blueman-manager # if something is missing try apt install bluetooth apt install gnome-bluetooth # reboot reboot

DataProtection in the US: WHAT DATAPROTECTION?

“In an FFTF article published right after the vote, the group said that the elimination of the FCC’s privacy rules will allow ISPs to: Monitor and sell all your location data search history app usage and browsing habits to advertisers […]

GNU Linux bash run (graphical desktop) process as different user

hostnamectl; # tested on Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-20-amd64 Architecture: x86-64 # become root su – root apt update # if it’s graphical application echo $DISPLAY # and the user “user” is the user that started […]

GNU Linux (Ubuntu 22.04) how to build ltfs from src aka scratch
03.May.2024 hostnamectl; # tested on Static hostname: ubuntuxts Virtualization: kvm Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS Kernel: Linux 5.15.0-107-generic Architecture: x86-64 su – root apt install build-essential module-assistant gcc make perl dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r) apt -y install automake; # 1.13.4 or […]

why wordpress will die sooner or later

always the positive first, what wordpress does nicely: [+] it allows users to (more or less) EASILY publish content [+] timely updates are provided [+] in 2024 self hosting wordpress is still possible (but they REALLY want users to use […]

Gebühren für nicht verkaufte Artikel? (Angebot Beendet) eBay’s eigene Gebühren vs Transparenz Gesetz Limits – eBay Rückrufservice: jetzt noch schwerer zu finden – Cum-Ex Fahnderin Anne Brorhilker zum Thema Steuergerechtigkeit “Die Kleinen hängt man, die Grossen lässt man laufen” – Retoure nach China könnt ihr DIREKT vergessen

Produkte SecondHand zu verkaufen macht viel Sinn. Diese Produkte müssen nicht neu produziert werden und sparen somit ressourcen. Viele Käufer können sich nur gebrauchte Produkte leisten (Ja auch in Deutschland gibt es ARMUT!) Eigentlich sollte man diesem Prozess alle Steine […]

GNU Linux ssh magic tricks – access devices without opening firewall port – reverse ssh proxy tunnel – open source admin’s vpn and teamviewer replacement (no open ports needed) – how to use ssh into a network behind router-firewall and forward port of any device to localhost

scroll down to: “how to access user-dev-admin’s home network boxes from anywhere via reverse-ssh-tunnel! :D” ssh tunnel remote deviceD’s port access a device’s port that is only available via a specific machine 😀 or in other words: ssh-tunnel port of […]

GNU Linux mate desktop how to reset keyring password

keyring is a file that stores all sorts of (for example wifi) passwords encrypted Gnome2 based MATE per default creates keyring here: ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring so if the keyring password is lost, only a new keyring can be created. rm -rf ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring […]