why wordpress will die sooner or later

always the positive first, what wordpress does nicely: [+] it allows users to (more or less) EASILY publish content [+] timely updates are provided [+] in 2024 self hosting wordpress is still possible (but they REALLY want users to use […]

GNU Linux ssh magic tricks – reverse ssh tunnel – open source admin’s vpn and teamviewer replacement (no open ports needed) – how to use ssh into a network behind router-firewall and forward port of any device to localhost

scroll down to: “how to access user-dev-admin’s home network boxes from anywhere via reverse-ssh-tunnel! :D” ssh tunnel remote deviceD’s port access a device’s port that is only available via a specific machine 😀 or in other words: ssh-tunnel port of […]

GNU Linux how to minimal desktop ubuntu

aka the Debian based bloatware: GNU Linux Debian is usually (try console AND graphical setup) straigh forward easy to setup can deal with as little RAM as 512MBytes Ubuntu server WITHOUT a desktop already uses 600MBytes of RAM #wtf so […]

GNU Linux mate desktop how to reset keyring password

keyring is a file that stores all sorts of (for example wifi) passwords encrypted Gnome2 based MATE per default creates keyring here: ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring so if the keyring password is lost, only a new keyring can be created. rm -rf ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring […]

2024 is the year + SuperCharge IT processes with OpenSource + GNU Linux + kvm + there is still more potential + Intel Xeon vs AMD EPYC vs Altra ARM CPU vs Apple M1 benchmark battle! + M$ Office for GNU Linux

Hetzner is already doing it with very energy efficient Ampere ARM servers delivering world-class-cost-and-energy-saving-virtual-servers. (Gigabyte has them as well UNTESTED!) #SuperCharge #IT processes with #OpenSource + #GNU #Linux (call it #GNU #Linux and give the dude that wrote gcc some […]


the internet STILL a hope for a better society based on truth based on informed decisions not “fake news” (a new word for “lies”) terrorism and mass surveillance are good for dictators the Dalailama once said: since the internet and […]

AVM FritzBox 7590 DNS over TLS how to setup – updates slow down FRITZ!Box 4040 release date 2016 too slow for DHCP – which boxes still receive security and firmware updates? (not EoL) – right to repair (spare parts)

update: 2024-04 changed 7590 (latest FritzOS) against 7390 (older FritzOS) there are no such DHCP problems per default FBs have [-] no protection against: https://www.prosec-networks.com/en/blog/dhcp-starvation-attack/, which of course is not easy but imho uncool because if user lose trust in […]

GNU Linux howto fix mate-screenshot taking 100% CPU

taking screenshots is important 😀 it is very useful and mate-screenshot is an easy to use screenshot tool that can be started by the simple press of the ancient otherwise useless “print” button (found on almost every keyboard) if mate-screenshot […]

GNU Linux howto ssh sshd config hardening security guide

ssh can be regarded as “critical core infrastructure” time spend on it’s security is time well spend time + money well invested: https://www.openssh.com https://github.com/openssh current manpage: ssh.man.txt WARNING: this howto guide IS MOST LIKELY INCOMPLETE! WARNING! WHEN RUNNING THE SCRIPT: […]

GNU Linux howto – enable (very detailed) logging logs log postgres database + monitor script

#!WARNING! THIS WAS TESTED FOR OLDER RHEL7 AND CENTOS! # manual editing vim /var/lib/pgsql/12/data/postgresql.conf; # postgres main config file # semi-automatic editing via sed # optional: postgres: enable detailed logging POSTGRES_MAIN_CONFIG=”/var/lib/pgsql/12/data/postgresql.conf” sed -i ‘s/#log_statement = [^”]*/log_statement = ‘all’/g’ $POSTGRES_MAIN_CONFIG sed […]

programming language performance benchmarks

Just as php python is a widely used easy to read and write on-the-fly interpreted language. performance? performance in the sense of data throughput or amount of prime numbers per second but it is also: how long will a user […]

GNU Linux (Debian 12) – how to install mate desktop

mate desktop is leightweight easy to use (“start” menu is top left and hopefully will FOREVER stay there) consistent simplified design hostnamectl; # tested on Static hostname: debian12 Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm) Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-18-amd64 Architecture: x86-64 su […]