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AVM FritzBox 7590 DNS over TLS how to setup – updates slow down FRITZ!Box 4040 release date 2016 too slow for DHCP – which boxes still receive security and firmware updates? (not EoL) – right to repair (spare parts)

update: 2024-04 changed 7590 (latest FritzOS) against 7390 (older FritzOS) there are no such DHCP problems per default FBs have [-] no protection against:, which of course is not easy but imho uncool because if user lose trust in […]

too much Wifi WLAN exposure is a health problem – About AVM FritzBoxes (7390) Rename Network Device – Netzwerk Gerät umbenennen – Rename Router Device change hostname netbios name – Meshing with the FritzBox – Freifunk Firmware for FritzBoxes?

always say something positive first: FritzBoxes are great (DSL/LTE/…) internet routers (up to now) all FritzBoxes work with 12V DC (which is great for usage with small solar power stations (that are usually 12V based)) high quality & reliable secure […]

Stromausfall – Dank All-IP (VoIP) und DECT kein Notruf mehr möglich

Effizienz ist nicht alles – weiß Bernard Lietaer – wer sich auf eine Monokultur verlässt – ist verlassen. Nach einem Stromausfall oder Hacker-Angriff können Internet basierte Kommunikationsdienste lahmgelegt sein. Aus eigener Erfahrung: An Weihnachten 2017 wurde ein Baum vom Biber […]

Wifi Accesspoint that connects to another Wifi Accesspoint (Client-Bridge) – TP-Link can do that – WLAN AdHoc Client Bridge with tp-link tl-wr841nd v11 – use wifi router as wifi usb adapter – Multiple Operation Modes – Wireless Client Mode – Bridge Mode – Bridge with AP Mode – Repeater (Range Extender) Mode

Wifi Modes of an Access point: DLink has painted a nice overview over the possible different modes of an Accesspoint: cybersec: from great wifi modes that allow bridging two wifi networks, it would be GREAT if vendors test their products […]

To Freifunk Firmware and Back on TP-Link TL-WR841N v11

FOR SECURITY REASONS, KEEP ROUTER FIRMWARE UPDATED! Freifunk updates its router firmware and closes a critical security vulnerability that could allow attackers to install their own firmware on the devices. (src: welcher router/welche hardware verwenden/zukunftstauglich? (ändert sich von Jahr […]


English: “Why is there no Freifunk firmware for my FRITZ!Box? The firmware of the manufacturer AVM includes proprietary components (ISDN and other stuff). We would violate copyright if we offered a modified version for these routers although the rest of […]


Fritz!Box Webcm Unauthenticated Command Injection Different Fritz!Box devices are vulnerable to an unauthenticated OS command injection. This module was tested on a Fritz!Box 7270 from the LAN side. The vendor reported the following devices vulnerable: 7570, 7490, 7390, 7360, 7340, […]