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… is a horrible hard exam. check out the (probably a little outdated) example questions below – to get a taste what to expect. according to PassLeader NO more recent braindumps are available… (201-400 yes 201-450 no) at the time […]

Who is THE Urban Penguin?

Andrew Mallett also on twitter apparently… 😀 pretty complete video series on LPIC1 FOR FREE ONLINE ON YOUTUBE 🙂 GOOD JOB MR MALLETT! 🙂 THANKS! LPIC2 not so much… you will have to pay for it 🙂 Andrew is an […]



to be honest… i find all of those meassurement tools too complicated to install. they probably all have their validity – but why not simply do it like this: given that you have a webserver installed and the web-root is […]


hotkeys = shortcuts. /* Signals. */ #define SIGHUP 1 /* Hangup (POSIX). */ #define SIGINT 2 /* Interrupt (ANSI). */ #define SIGQUIT 3 /* Quit (POSIX). */ #define SIGILL 4 /* Illegal instruction (ANSI). */ #define SIGTRAP 5 /* Trace […]