this is why high quality journalism and education are sooooo important:

  • trust is so important & journalism should be about truth and trust
    • context: media outlets that use numbers out of context (do those numbers apply to the US, or the whole world?) (no kidding major news outlets forget about those simple facts, is all their focus on attention? “clicks” “headlines” “selling news”?)
    • verify: or provide no proper reference on where those numbers came from (so journalists can chase down the chain of sources to the ultimate source to verify the information)
    • by neglecting high quality standards for maximum attention (?) media outlets discredit themselves as untrustworthy sources of information
  • education helps people become smarter at spotting lies and “fake news” (this is why western countries are constantly cutting the educational budget, it’s easier to rule over idiots)

Fake News just got an upgrade: “Deep Fakes”

Are Videos generated by computers by analyzing pictures (again from videos) from real people (politicians, celebrities) and making it look as if they recorded themselves saying something.

But it is all all computer generated fake. If someone can imitate the voice properly – people will not be able to tell apart faked selfie videos from real selfie videos.

Very dangerous tool to manipulate public opinion!

Especially during times of war – the media – seems to become completely unreliable and untrustworthy – but we are not at war?

Well there has been an global economic competition for decades – so basically countries and companies being economically at war with each other for decades.

(often sometimes fixing prices or brokering deals on spheres of influences/markets)

So not at war – but economically at war.

September 2019: Americans remain largely mistrustful of the mass media as 41% currently have “a great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in newspapers, television and radio to report the news “fully, accurately and fairly.”


really? have not seen this coming X-D

What can we do? Support the good guys and girls!

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