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RUST – most loved programming language ever – C++ with safety – new programming language from Mozilla for Mozilla and Safety – now also with step debugging

is Rust safer than C/C++? “show me the src” DebConf 2019: Why would a python programmer learn rust when there are no jobs in it “This means no matter what language you use, the only safe way […]


Dylan Beattie ?? ‏@dylanbeattie Feb 16 Learning to code is an essential skill in the modern world. Here’s a handy diagram showing you how to get started. that’s what i really liked about Adobe Flex Builder… it was based on […]


and don’t know what it is about simple things that hackers find so complicated 😀 so how do you import an existing project into eclipse? in older/almost any version of eclipse: THERE IS NO IMPORT 😀 (!? WHAT? YES THERE […]