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the future of (power efficient and mobile) gaming – SmartPhone as DesktopPC? – the future are RISC(V) (ARM) CPUs – RK3588S is 3.04x in single-core and 3.65x in multi-core faster than Raspberry 4 (

mekotronicsplz note: “the-best-technology-does-nothing-without-a-good-human-culture” Yes! Read that correctly, modern SmartPhones are actually full blown computers, so why not use them as such? Now that they have enough (RISC) based computational power that they can replace Desktop and Notebooks, problem: they can […]

about embedded industrial x86 and ARM computers

about giada are small, power efficient but powerfull embedded PCs (x86 and ARM, tested the F300, 5 years later: 30x boxes still working perfectly fine, not even a power supply failed!) 😀 some are industrial grade or medical grade (please […]