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China’s SkyNet & plans for total data control – The BigData behind China social credit system – all seeing state

Update: PSS: PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IT-SECURITY IS TIGHT! & IT WON’T BECOME “SKYNET“ Terminator Skynet AI Network: damn, those Terminator robots have good dentists! “Skynet is a fictional artificial neural network-based conscious group mind[citation needed] and artificial […]

Apple wants to become the new Google: BigBadBoldBigDataMothership

Apple wants to become the new Google: BigBadBoldBigDataMothership why more developers should chose GPL to publish programs: as a once proud Apple user… (yes GNU Linux Debian 10 actually runs pretty well on the Intel-Macbook-Pros) yes they are beautiful spies… […]

too much Wifi WLAN exposure is a health problem – About AVM FritzBoxes (7390) Rename Network Device – Netzwerk Gerät umbenennen – Rename Router Device change hostname netbios name – Meshing with the FritzBox – Freifunk Firmware for FritzBoxes?

always say something positive first: FritzBoxes are great (DSL/LTE/…) internet routers (up to now) all FritzBoxes work with 12V DC (which is great for usage with small solar power stations (that are usually 12V based)) high quality & reliable secure […]

GNU Linux Debian and others – how to view play RTSP client (hview surveillance and webcam and other cams) streams with mplayer and vlc (how to find rstp stream url of H.VIEW and ANNKE 100% Chinese surveillance cams)

update: 2024-04: having problem connecting to camera with vlc? (rstp not well documented or not working at all? try this: easy camera stream identification with ONVIF: it is a DAMN hussle, because EVERY camera vendor does it’s own rstp:// and […]

XMPP vs Signal vs Threema vs WhatsApp vs SecureText vs Telegram vs – Telegram HQ in Saudi Arabia and London and other 1984 thought crimes

XMPP: Project Name Platforms Apache Vysper Linux / Windows AstraChat Linux / macOS / Solaris / Windows ejabberd Linux / macOS / Windows IoT Broker Windows Isode M-Link Linux / Windows jackal Linux / macOS Metronome IM Linux […]