bash games – no kidding!

bash is a serious language 😀😎👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❤️☕

while it might not be your first choice when it comes to creating games.

it’s awesome what people put together on the command line!

bash tetris – works FLAWLESS 🙂

the russian Original:

super retro theme

# download
# mark runnable
chmod +x
# run it

a colorful copy:

needs usleep. If there is no usleep for your linux, you can imitate it by creating a script

echo "sleep 0.1" > /usr/bin/usleep
chmod +x /usr/bin/usleep

creditz go to: # 10.21.2003 xhchen <


Made in Taiwan?


# download
# inspect code, to check if it is hiding evil
# if not proceed
# mark runnable
chmod +x

bash snake

pretty neat.

creditz: # Centipede game # v2.0 # Author:


# download
# mark runnable
chmod +x
# run it

the history-origins of tetris:


this seems to be a screenshot from the soviet tetris implementation?

this one also looks pretty neat, as the original Tetris and Tetris Song was created by a Russian… logic commands, this Tetris in Bash implementation comes from a Russian:


# Tetris game written in pure bash
# I tried to mimic as close as possible original tetris game
# which was implemented on old soviet DVK computers (PDP-11 clones)

DVK (Russian: ДВК, Диалоговый вычислительный комплекс, Dialogue Computing Complex) is a Soviet PDP-11-compatible personal computer.

The design is also known as Elektronika MS-0501 and Elektronika MS-0502.

Earlier models of DVK series were based on K1801VM1 or K1801VM2 microprocessors with 16 bit address bus. In the later models, the KM1801VM3 microprocessor (with 22 bit extended address bus) was used.

See also

… that of course… were able to run TETRIS!

# Videos of this tetris can be found here:
# This script was created on ubuntu 13.04 x64 and bash 4.2.45(1)-release.
# It was not tested on other unix like operating systems.
# Enjoy :-)!
# Author: Kirill Timofeev <>

The Tetris Song

deeply philosophical Tetris memes

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