why mess with this old game? (it is on steam… for some countries)

because it has

  • it can be run on GNU Linux
  • online multiplayer
  • a lot of game modes such as
    • “onslaught” (build & defend bases)
    • capture the flag (of course)
    • “bombing run” basically “football”
    • team deathmatch
  • vehicles

of course a bit more game physics as with the source2 (half life 2) engine would have been nice… but still… overall one of the best games ever X-D (the internet connection of course needs to be fast and it is best to run dedicated (GNU Linux) server for best performance.

players vs (more) bots (than players)

this is possible with “bot roster” mode X-D

drag more bots on one side than the other in “Bot Config”

and then go