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completely legit to dissalow mic & cam (there is a chat as well)

completely legit to dissalow mic & cam (there is a chat as well)


  1. first of: the online conferecing as RPG game format is really fun and innovative idea to make online events more fun! 🙂 (it is accompanied by live streams via vimeo or youtube)
    • Corona will nerd us all! X-D
    • the art work and love for detail is amazing 🙂 someone really poured a lot of digital dev and design love into it 🙂 (thanks for that)
  2. BUT: the festival was a bit confusing… the overview over different rooms and rooms-of-tools and where what is happening, or was happening (link to recording of the session?) or is about to happen was not always immediately visible X-D
    • these infos should only be one-browser-click away
    • so the user is always on a quest: where is everybody? and what is going on? X-D


  • it has chat
  • it has voice and video chat (circles) (via jitsi or zoom)
  • it has tutorials
  • it has RPG

when walking at certain points, a side-frame will load, embedding different other websites/tools into the game

this could be a Vimeo or Youtube (LifeStream or pre-recorded) or Jitsi or Zoom presentation/conference.

or an Art Gallery painting tool:

or a poll:

  • it has… stuff… like virtual ball pits


tools… tools… tools… it’s hailing tools… X-D

also: pretty much against the “sharing of full first second and surname” kind of methology X-D (just go with a nickname, why does the whole world need to know that A. L. was there?)

embedding of audio video conferencing is great…

but should not autostart video A BIT PRIVACY INTRUSIVE! X-D

jitsi autostart video functionality is A BIT PRIVACY INTRUSIVE! (should never auto start...)

jitsi autostart video functionality is A BIT PRIVACY INTRUSIVE! (should never auto start…)



on the QUEST to find the accompaning LiveStream



here it is X-D https://vimeo.com/event/1122570/embed/ad7eee66b9


the game was made by: https://workadventu.re/

“show me the src” https://github.com/thecodingmachine/workadventure

“A collaborative web application (virtual office) presented as a 16-bit RPG video game”



“The WorkAdventure core source code is distributed under the AGPL license modified by the Commons clause.” (Link?)

“You can therefore take the source code of WorkAdventure and install it on your own server.”

“The self-hosted version contains everything that is available in the free-tier.”

“Do not hesitate to have a look at the Github repository (and give us some stars!)”

src:  https://workadventu.re/pricing

https://hubs.mozilla.com/ – online conferencing in 3D!

and this is what such browser-3D virtual meeting rooms look alike…

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