why are not more companies, schools, governments, banks using GNU Linux?

Some might claim because of lack of standardization.

but imho that is not true.

from a biologists point of view biodiversity is actually a very good thing, as it makes a ecosystem more reliable (if systemA is hacked, systemB (running the same cross-os program but being completely different hardware and software wise) will survive the attack, as it does not have the same flaws, so it’s a good thing to have custom kernels and diverse distribution “landscape” that does not consist only of one type of plant).

So a GNU Linux monoculture would be just as bad as a Windows monoculture (but there is STILL too much Windows monoculture).

A possible explanation: because mankind OR the framework within mankind operates is utter corruption (which is almost the same as stupidity, but the corrupted are unaware or ignorant of the species wide damage).

which results into SLOWDOWN of adaptivity (“learning”) which results in SLOWDOWN of development which might very well result into extinction of mankind as it is said, that only the species that can adapt to ever changing environments FAST enough will survive.

it is NOT about “destroying” windows, it is simply about adapting what works best in order to create the Open Source Society that enables mankind to better survive in the universe.

decide to evolve or stick to old norms that never made any sense and die out.

Open Source, Free Software and GNU Linux already have taken the internet and mobile devices by storm.

With faster RISC(V) CPUs and more powerfull Apps (video editing is now possible with decent speeds on Android and ARM powered deviecs) GNU Linux (or at least the GNU Linux kernel) will be #1 OS also in gaming (“2022 Gaming Spotlight: Mobile Extends Lead Over PC and Console as Gaming Market Hits $222 Billion”, search) and if not enough resources go into pro Open Source hardware it will become the #1 data collection “BigBrother” platform.

But luckily Open Hardware is also gaining traction. It is important to licence it in a way so all of mankind benefit.

Not as intended.

At this point have ACTUALLY to praise all software vendors (not Adobe) that switched from C++ to Java in order to allow their program to run cross OS (Win, OSX, GNU Linux).

Which brings the user to the next question:

Why are not more govs, schools, banks (!!!) and multi national companies like MERCEDES (!) (and many others) running their own datacenter?

Sure centralized data store and analysis has it’s pros.

But why on other people’s computers?

Hurray for the “klaut”! (not)

: “Microsoft warns thousands of cloud customers of exposed databases”

2023: “Microsoft comes under blistering criticism for “grossly irresponsible” security

2023: “From listKeys to Glory: How We Achieved a Subscription Privilege Escalation and RCE by Abusing Azure Storage Account Keys

“It is possible to abuse and leverage Microsoft Storage Accounts by manipulating Azure Functions to steal access-tokens of higher privilege identities, move laterally, potentially access critical business assets, and execute remote code (RCE)”

The “klaut” is largely a DELL and CIA invention, see: “Snowden and Socrates thinkers of society”) (At the same time “klaut” is German and means: stealing (in this case stealing data))

“DKB | Deutsche Kreditbank AG on stage at AWS-Summit in Berlin, explaining Why Cloud? Why Now? Why AWS?” <- Another reason to avoid this bank.

DKB’s way into Pega cloud, provided by AWS” <- they try to be cool and fancy but have MASSIVE problems with their banking App “Made with Love in Berlin”. Well love or not, Berlin is known for it’s chaos. Real chaos. Not that CCC chaos that is better organized than most banks and companies ever will be.

All of those organizations need to know, that by NOT contributing to Open Hardware, by NOT running GNU Linux and NOT running their own datacenters, they contribute to a IT monoculture that in the  long term will DECREASES resilience (security and reliability).

As a monoculture WILL BE the prime target of any (gov sponsored and other) attackers.

In the case of one university and schools or higher education, one can say, that (most) Universities (and schools) while teaching in the most complex things have basically no knowledge or massive amounts of ignorance about software principles such as:  “UNIX KISS”, software minimalism, efficiency + convenience vs security, network segmentation in hard- or software and how to keep systems secure.

Or: Why it is NOT cool to run zig-billion outdated programs on the same overburdened server from 1975 WHILE allowing access from outside without any sort of vpn or ssh tunneling.

Which should be basic knowledge of anyone running a server or touching a computer these days.

Knowledge is basically “out there” and it’s free, but while universities are hubs of knowledge, they seem pretty ignorant to the knowledge of others “out there”. Another case of: ignorance is not cool, it is stupid.

So there is hack after hack after hack (so many it’s basically not possible to list them all here X-D).

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