Being amongst the stars, exploring new worlds, is a great adventure…

… even better if one brings some friends.

and with mods…

imho Kerbal Space Program is more than a game… it is a simulation and as such, it is essentially about two things:

  • building spacecraft that works (the outcomes are pretty much unpredictable X-D and thus it is fun to tinker with the space craft until it finally reaches orbit
    • use sandbox mode (unlimited parts, unlimited money)
    • the campaign mode is very very HARDCORE!
      • basically starts with very no parts or bad parts that can’t do sh… and to get better parts, need to complete very tricky missions
  • navigating “eyeballing” it X-D

the tricky part is (as always) the navigation…

.. because bad navigation costs a lot of fuel… and without fuel…

… Kerbals will be STUCK on the MÜN X-D

some very strange crater… X-D

Neil Armstrong… sucks!

Because he is a corrupt biatch…  because he tried to discredit the competition (Elon Musk’s SpaceX… probably on behalf of NASA or NASA’s subcontractors)

SpaceX now makes NASA & it’s subcontractors look like expensive corrupt fools, spending billions on non-reusable rockets (space shuttle was WAY too expensive and WAY to unreliable))

Buzz Aldrin (2nd man on the moon) speaks more favorable of him & SpaceX

so landing gears would be useful … but if the simulator forgot to bring any X-D

then the simulator can

  1. retract solar panel
  2. turn the SpaceShip with solar panel on the downside
  3. extend solar panel
  4. point vector thruster “up”
  5. fire thrusters and pray X-D (worked at least once!)


Kerbal Space Program – Trouble deleting nav maneuver nodes?

try: L-Click on Node then directly after R-Click on Node


Shortcuts & Hotkeys:

Graphics enhancing mods 🙂


not sure if it is the mods… (this video is for 1.3.1)

probably should have used (this is how great ksp could look 1.11.1)

“Continuing one of the greatest mods to ever exist in this game”

Astronomer’s Visual Pack is a comprehensive visual overhaul for Kerbal Space Program originally developed by Astronomer. ”

“I have been a huge fan of Astronomer’s work since my first steps into Kerbal Space Program, during 2014. 2015 would see the hiatus of EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements development, along with the unfortunate demise of Astronomer’s Visual Pack, as the version of EVE it ran on, a version made for alpha KSP, deprecated. Even as the development of EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements gained traction once more, Astronomer ceased to appear in the KSP community. Since 2016, I have been attempting to restore and expand the gorgeous visual overhaul that was Astronomer’s Visual Pack, through rewriting, remaking, and repackaging. This is the product of that work.

Through adapting stock KSP canon and sci-fi imagination, Astronomer’s Visual Pack aims to turn Kerbal Space Program into the most immersive, beautiful experience a player can get.”

no Astronomer Mod:

Astronomer Mod 🙂

how to install:

Astronomer’s Visual Pack – Beyond must have the following dependencies downloaded before installing:

AVP-Textures v1.11

It is highly recommended you also download TUFX or KS3P to enable AVP’s color-grading and post-processing configurations.

Astronomer’s Music Pack (AMP) is a standalone in-game music addon and requires the SoundtrackEditor mod to function.
Check out the following mods for an enhanced experience.


  • Chatterer (immersive audio enhancements)


  • DistantObjectEnhancement (distant planets and ships will be visible from afar)
  • PlanetShine (planet shine effect on your ships)
  • KopernicusExpansion EVAFootprints (footprints on the surface of bodies)
  • RealPlume (realistic engine plume spread)
  • TexturesUnlimited (reflection and texture effects for parts)
  • EngineLighting (lighting effects for engines and decouplers)


  • ReStock (stock part overhaul)


  • Ven’s Stock Part Revamp (stock part overhaul)
Assets 3

src & creditz:

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