Mass Effect 2 - Opening Scene - Female Sheppard

Mass Effect 2 – Opening Scene – Female Sheppard

Almost 10 years after it’s release – Mass Effect 2 grafix are still pretty pretty 🙂

the Mass Effect 2 setup was not working.

When one inserts DVD2 and hits “retry” nothing happens.

“simply copy all the files from the two discs to your harddrive under a folder named mass effect 2. then while disc one is in the drive click setup. that should solve it. I hope this message finds you in time!” (src:

tested and works:

  1. insert DVD2 and copy all content to a partition for example X:\
  2. insert DVD1 and copy all content to the same partition X:\
    • say “yes” when asking for overwriting files
  3. run the setup.exe

now the installation should not even ask for the second disk.

how to change languages?

… it is probably better to reinstall selecting the language one wants.

but if one wants to hack around hewego:

In ME1:

  1. Open [folder you installed ME1 in]/BioGame/Config/DefaultEngine.ini with notepad.

  2. Find Language property in [Engine.Engine] section. Change its value to INT (it probably stands for ‘international’).

  3. Launch ME1 and change your graphics setting, because they reset after any INI file change.

In ME2:

  1. Open [folder you installed ME2 in]/data/sku.ini with notepad.

  2. Find VOLanguage and TextLanguage and change their values to INT.

  3. Launch ME2 and change your graphics setting, because they reset after any INI file change.

How do I change the language?
byu/jalba9 inmasseffect


review of the game: the story

the story is actually not very innovative… Sheppard (one can actually chose to be man or woman at beginning of game) is attacked by “the collectors” and the ship normandy1 get’s destroyed – Sheppard crashes into a planet – get’s rebuild two years later by a secretive but resource wise very rich organization called “Cerberus”.

What comes next has been “played” a billion times before… aliens race called “the collectors” attack human colonies and take the settlers with them… (and now the disgusting part) to turn them into either “zombie weapons” or “pulp”.

Pulp? Seriously?

It seems alien have nothing better to do than travel billions of light years – fight enormous battles – for a load of “human pulp”.

to turn it into… some giant human robot machine:

(very very lame story writing EA… while at the same time EA took great care to make it all as scientifically realistic as possible… including disturbing facts about how one race tries to birth control another race… and other shocking and disgusting stuff)

Would not let my kids play that game… because it is sometimes really depressing (like half of the crew dies during the final battle and there is nothing one can do about it).

the gameplay: teamwork! 🙂

(+) what one likes is the exploring the universe kind of thing – people are curious and want to learn about alien races and how things work in the universe.

(+) what is really nice and also creative – is the teamwork battles. Basically battles are “shootouts” – one’s team (one is accompanied by two AIs) – against waves of incoming enemies.

The tactics is: hide behind cover – plan the attack – attack – back to cover – upgrade weapons and armor as best as one can by exploiting planets resources.

What is nice: with Q and E one can direct the AI buddies to position.

steering is “okay” but sometimes Sheppard feels a bit clumsy X-D and: Sheppard can not jump – but duck and when one presses “SPACE” and W(“FORWARD”) sheppard will jump above the cover – so kind of “jump” but not really X-D

The rest of the time Sheppard basically wanders the milkyway galaxy

  • mining resources
  • reading emails
  • recruiting and helping the crew “team building”
this is actual in game grafix - still pretty nice

this is actual in game grafix – still pretty nice

“gaining experience points” “upgrading and researching weapons” – getting instructions from Cerberus / Illusive man from time to time… here it is sometimes not easy to figure out how to proceed and one can easily get “lost”. (“lost in space”).


  • F5 (Quick save) and holding F9 (Quick Load) are one’s friend (and needed a lot)
  • planets near stars seem to have more ore? (could be also wrong)
    • one DEFINATELY needs to mine and collect (during the game… would not do the hacking below 3000 credits) a lot of resources and massively invest into weapons… or Sheppard stands no chance against “the Collectors”
    • after several hefty assault rifle upgrades plus equip them with “special amo” to have most impact
  • if one needs space maps one can buy them on illium for little money
  • if one is lost, hit ESC and go to “Journal”
    • there one can find all tasks, missions and assignments still open
    • to be honest… sometimes the journal is not really of any help…
    • unless one knows by hard where Liara on Illium is? (Liara is the blue female alien on Illium in Administration… the journal did not really help with that X-D)


(+) nice graphics – still, after all these years

(+) even if it has no coop mode – at least one is joined by some AI “players” that help with the shooting

(+) one likes the strategic aspects, but weapon upgrades seem very expensive and hard to come by (see minus: planet scanning and mining is tedious and sucks)


(-) would have been perfect fit but has no coop mode (multiple humans vs computer AIs – has only player vs player deathmath), not even Mass Effect 3 or Mass Effect Andromeda (4)  has a proper coop “play the story with your buddies” mode, it is a “defeat endless waves of enemies and do this and that” kind of coop, no campaign story coop? Shame on You EA! X-D

(-) scanning and mining planets sucks and is boring (not alone with that opinion, also: have got plenty of Palladium… but no Iridium? Where can one trade?)

(-) no vehicles no spaceships no mechs no nothing…

(-) space flight is a point and click adventure

more screenshots:

Mass Effect (4) Andromeda coop Multiplayer:

Andromeda seems to be playable with the GTX 1050.

Fun Facts:

Voice of “Shala Raan” is

Shohreh Aghdashloo (Persian: شهره آغداشلو‎, pronounced [ʃohˈɾe ɒɢdɒʃˈluː]) (born Shohreh Vaziri-Tabar; May 11, 1952) is an IranianAmerican actress.

She plays “Chrisjen Avasarala” a major role in the NetFlix SciFi Series: The Expanse

Her voice is incredible also her performance on “The Expanse” is absolutely fantastic (She really makes one believe “it is real”) her voice is massively dark and smoky X-D

One of THE BEST characters in “The Expanse”.

Imho “The Expanse” is a bit crazy… a lot of space talking going on (similar to Mass Effect 2 actually X-D) X-D but still well directed and thus pretty thrilling story.

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