with all the cleverness going on, would it be a shock if one says… mankind does not actually knows what gravity is or how it works.

Even Einstein was wrong about it, that gravity decreases linear between two objects with distance.

There is some weird constant correcting the error that it is not 100% linear.

“Gravity is not a force”… well… mankind does not really know what gravity actually is… but that does not mean mankind can not “use it”, it has been used all the time in gravity assisted fly byes of space probes….

there is some strange Gravitational constant…” (more crazy science here)

Newtonian constant of gravitation
Numerical value 6.674 30 x 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2

Mankind can do all the math to land ships on Mars, but why things are, understand how it really works… is still a going on process.

Atoms with electrons that are not at random positions (on a an orbit) but are either up or down, or both at the same time, until a scientist “observes” them, then they quickly decide what they wanna be X-D

the math that describes ocean weaves:

“Adding to the weirdness is the wave property of matter. It turns out that you can use the equations that govern wave motion to describe how those probabilities behave. In other words, the mathematics originally developed to figure out how ocean waves slosh back and forth was perfectly suited to describing how a subatomic particle would “decide” between being spin-up or spin-down.”