• while social media can have fun and entertaining content, Facebook + Instagram are (probably) THE BIGGEST source of MISSINFORMATION, NO ONE CARES!?
  • every time someone FOR CLICKBAIT or OTHER reasons puts up FAKE = LIES which makes users wonder “if it’s real or not”
    • A LOT ~ 90% of users (unfortunately) will LACK the skills to debunk well faked information online
      • AI image and video generation HAS MADE THIS WORSE THAN EVER!
    • the 10% that can do might also have a hard time if sites like “scamadviser.com” and google are UNABLE to tell if a site is a hoax or not
      • also this takes away serious amounts of a user’s lifetime to debunk bullshit
  • there needs to be a (browser based) system in place that checks the informations presented and warns the user that this page is ranged 0 out of 10 on “LegitContent” score
  • googeling for it results into this kind of EVEN MORE MISSLEADING false negative “check”:

so these groups are also BS

the give away: no legit mail address


please spam bots also add this mail to the db: mkzeeshan12@gmail.com

who is hosting this bs? AMAZON IS!

“congratulations” all involved u like to create EVEN MORE confusion?

host sciandnature.com
sciandnature.com has address
sciandnature.com has address


OrgName:        Amazon Technologies Inc.
OrgId:          AT-88-Z
Address:        410 Terry Ave N.
City:           Seattle

news outlets that propagate BS:

a duckduck search leads to:

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