taking screenshots is important 😀

it is very useful and mate-screenshot is an easy to use screenshot tool
that can be started by the simple press of the ancient otherwise useless “print” button (found on almost every keyboard)

if mate-screenshot gui window does not show, but runs in the background using 100% cpu
the user knows: something is wrong

after switching default users, this happened to this user

so how to fix it?

# what package does the file belong to?
dpkg -S /usr/bin/mate-screenshot
# this package this file
mate-utils: /usr/bin/mate-screenshot

# it is a bug https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-utils/issues/191
# recreate the path that mate-screenshot used before = recreate the old folder structure
# in this user's case that was
mkdir -p /home/olduser/Pictures/Screenshots

# give newuser full access
chown -R newuser: /home/olduser/
chmod u+rw /home/user/Pictures/Screenshots

# now hit print again

# mate-screenshot should work as normal

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