hostnamectl; # tested on
 Static hostname: ubuntuxts
  Virtualization: kvm
Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS              
          Kernel: Linux 5.15.0-107-generic
    Architecture: x86-64

su - root
apt install build-essential module-assistant gcc make perl dkms linux-headers-$(uname -r)
apt -y install automake; # 1.13.4 or later
apt -y install autoconf; # 2.69 or later
apt -y install libtool-bin; # 2.4.2 or later
apt -y install libfuse-dev; # 2.6.0 or later
apt -y install uuid-dev; # 1.36 or later
apt -y install libxml2-dev; # 2.6.16 or later, not: libxmlb2 libxml2

apt -y install snmpd snmp libsnmp-dev; # net-snmp 5.3 or later
apt -y install libicu-dev; # icu4c 4.8 or later
apt -y install pkg-config;

git clone;

cd ltfs;

./; ./configure; make; make install;

sudo ldconfig;

ltfs --version;
LTFS version (Prelim).
LTFS Format Specification version 2.4.0

# might be a good idea to reboot afterwards

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