always the positive first, what wordpress does nicely:

  • [+] it allows users to (more or less) EASILY publish content
  • [+] timely updates are provided
  • [+] in 2024 self hosting wordpress is still possible (but they REALLY want users to use their hosted “cloud” based service)

now the CRITIQUE:

  • [-] but there is no proper auto update function #wtf
  • [-] increasing likelyhood of security problems

like windows: usability: easy = good BUT but behind the scenes, the  [-] technical side seems to be COMPLETELY out of control and  [-] IGNORE UNIX KISS as so many other failed software projects with loads and loads of security problems (windows?)

  • [-] any web CMS that has more than 100 files is a inefficient in handling of those files and probably full of bugs and security problems aka bloatware mess doomed to fail X-D
  • [-] and yes it takes A LONG TIME to SFTP delete 100.000 small files…

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