• always the POSITIVE first: overall it’s an excellent machine but the user needs to know the details
  • it has 1x BMC (LAN) and 2x slots for SPF fiber modules for example the SFP1G-SX-85
    • so have SPF fiber modules ready for server + a SPF module capable switch
    • it would have been nice to have had another 1000MBit or 10.000MBit copper based LAN port but well install an PCIe NIC then
  • it can hold up to 8 GPUs and 2x PCIe cards
  • 2x internal NVMe
  • 2x SAS attached NVMes (the orange slots)
  • a lot of BANG for the BUCK
    • a bit too loud
    • a bit too power hungry (uses 250W in idle with no GPUs installed and 350W with all cores on 100%)
    • unfortunately those front drive panels while having nice status and activity leds, feel pretty cheaply “plastic” made

having owned a AMD workstation (so far pretty happy with it) for a while GIGABYTE is a Taiwanese brand that is associated with:

  • high quality consumer hardware
  • the software quality of their firmwares and drivers is “okayish” (with a bit of tinkering it usually can made to work)

so really wanted to give this thing a test drive.

what was kind of unexpected:

  • the massive loudness of that thing for maximum cooling but with no proper throtteling of the FANs depending on temp?
  • the (imho) pretty high power usage of 250W in idle

Intel Xeon vs AMD EPYC vs Altra ARM CPU benchmark battle! 😀

PS: some Geekbench v6 comparisons:

fun fact:

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