there is a German saying:

  • “only the Genius rules (one’s own or others) chaos”
    • imho this is wrong, if one was a genius, there would be no chaos in the first place
    • it would be “as perfect as possible” aka as simple-as-possible, as well tested as possible, as well documented  as possible, ordered and sorted as clear and simple possible, labeled as simple-clear as possible, tagged as simple-clear as possible and put where it belongs X-D
  • with complexity = expect the product to contain problems
  • when it comes to technology: simplicity is key!
  • this DOES NOT set limits on how complex a machine can be, it only says: keep all parts as simple and easy-to-test as possible and then assemble a machine as complex as the user wants from simple parts
    • it is very TRUE to say that SmartPhones which are basically many devices in one device (a phone, a camera, a flashlight, a navigation system, a gaming console… what else?) REALLY pushing the boundaries of what is technically possible, so expect them to contain MASSIVE amounts of errors X-D
  • it does not mean it is IMPOSSIBLE to build very complex machines
    • it is possible, but:
      • build very simple “lego” parts and modules that do one thing but do it well (= as testable as possible)
      • then those well-tested high-quality modules can be combined to a complex machine or reused in many other ways
    • then chances of the VERY COMPLEX MACHINE to actually work are massively increased

C lang: too much UNIX KISS?

  • imho it would have SIMPLIFIED the C language if there was a dedicated STRING variable type
    • someone must have thought: “UNIX KISS: why have dedicated STRING variable type, if the same can be done with an array of chars?”
      • while yes it technically may simplify the language, but it makes programming C aka using and writing usefull, error-free programs more complicated
    • for example it’s not possible to directly compare two strings:
      • if(stringA == stringB)
        • the dev needs a special function strcmp (string compare) to do this job
      • if (strcmp(StringA,StringB) == 0)
        • this does in essence the same while being WAY less readable

dumb home beats smart home (complexity = problems) how a IoT devices such as SmartTV may DDoS the WIFI or LAN and slow down internet

emailed HiSense requesting comment, but the company hasn’t replied.”

“(I’ve also reached out to Snow.) I assume the problem is due simply to bad code, but I don’t know for sure.”

What I do know is that this isn’t a problem dumb TVs ever had.”

“Full disclosure: I am strongly in favor of a dumb home.”

“My thermostat should not connect to the internet, and neither should my fridge.”

If a company goes bankrupt, I should not have to worry about whether my coffee maker’s software is suddenly broken or whether my lights will turn on.”

The only things using my Wi-Fi should be my phone and my computer.”

“Everything else should remain offline, where it belongs.”

physical separation:

At least keep the home’s energy management system IN COMPLETELY PHYISCALLY DISCONNECTED networks (firmware updates could be done with a simple USB Stick?)

because of course it would be nice, if the home’s energy management system “knew” that NOW the energy is cheap-and-readily available so turn on the washing machine or heat up the water boiler


sometimes less is more.

IMHO: what one dislikes about the Tesla: why all those cameras? Elon no, AI will not self drive this car only by looking at those camers in the next 10 years, sorry. Check out this car: 3x times more efficient than a Tesla and looking absolutely SCIFI 😀

Yes it also got cameras but only to compensate for missing  review mirrors (unfortunately Aptera also plans a OTA update mechanism, imho this should also be done via USB Stick)

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