Kaffka company from Finland used AI to create a coffee blend “HURRAY” for the AI future where AI has to be (?) in EVERYTHING? (even coffee)

Coffee made with AI – Limited Edition

40% Brazil, Fazenda Pinhal
25% Guatemala, La Bolsa
25% Colombia, San Lorenzo
10% Ethiopia, Geruke

The World’s first artificial intelligence coffee created with the help of language models!

magic gini to solve all problems?

Elon thinks and tries to convince Sunak (which is another UK prime minister sponsored by City of London financial gambling mafia) that AI is the “magic gini” that will solve all of mankinds problems, just throw a bunch data + GigaWatts + NVIDIA GPUs and the digital god arises from the cables.

Elon is a visionary and hope that this vision is more positive than CyberPunk 2077 (one of those dystopian scifi games).

there would be other MORE POSITIVE visions for the future like:

Unfortunately the “perspective” to put all taxi drivers, bus drivers, nurses, teachers (youtube replaced them already? WITHOUT AI) factory workers is (of course) out of work is shor-term “good news” for the stock market, the “dream” of any business owner and their financing-banks: own a company or factory with 99% robots and only pay 1% minimum-wage-paid-staff: but how are the last 1% folks working there then pay for the prodcuts the company or factory makes?

it is short-sightened not thought-through = “hurray” mankind’s genius created another failed system that only works for 1% for a short time.

Right now AI is nice for generating fake videos + pictures + audio and regex and basic scripting, but because humans just want to believe that computers are “perfect” machines that never make mistakes, AI will be everywhere, even in the user’s coffee.

One day the AI might discover that lead mixed into coffe makes an even better coffee blend “hurray”.

One more time: computers are FULL OF ERRORS != inperfect: because they were not build by god but humans. The fact that a PC (nowadays) does not crash every 5min is indeed miraculous, but is probably largely because of MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CRC (automatic error corrections) algorithms doing their job in the background.

To believe that the “magic gini” will solve all of mankind’s problems is the same as to say, the smart phone will solve all of mankind’s problems, has it?

Elon’s Tesla STILL has to deliver on an AutoPilot AI that DOES NOT kill people and is increasingly getting behind schedule which could make Sunak’s Tesla stock holders banks inestors nervous, Elon: “next year” must be a good enough prediction that is then (most likely) repeated next year.

Not sure how good that coffee is but it surely made headlines.

Prediction: in 2025 every washing mashine MUST have AI.

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