Mozilla stopped providing direct download links with Firefox.apk

currently (2022-08) latest version is v103.2.0 which is only available (?) through the official Google App (called “Play”) store (why? maybe that is why)

  • unless u trust this site u can download v103.2 here
    • sha512sum Firefox_base_v103.2.apk
      534c317aed1e4da852f89c0c17874e3b1f5b1615dc5568dd8386ac3ead4ba965973b4c439e5dfd06cd77235deea218f9274376ff0ada7df882fa0eee0b573994 Firefox_base_v103.2.apk

how it used to work:

or hit the terminal:

wget -O Firefox.apk ""

For other operating systems replace ‘os=android’ with:
Android API-9 os=android-api-9
Android X86 os=android-x86

For other single locale APKs replace ‘lang=multi’ with:
Acholi lang=ach
Afrikaans lang=af
Albanian lang=sq
Arabic lang=ar
Aragonese lang=an
Armenian lang=hy-AM
Assamese lang=as
Asturian lang=ast
Azerbaijani lang=az
Basque lang=eu
Belarusian lang=be
Bengali (Bangladesh) lang=bn-BD
Bengali (India) lang=bn-IN
Bosnian lang=bs
Breton lang=br
Bulgarian lang=bg
Catalan lang=ca
Chinese (Simplified) lang=zh-CN
Chinese (Traditional) lang=zh-TW
Croatian lang=hr
Czech lang=cs
Danish lang=da
Dutch lang=nl
English (British) lang=en-GB
English (South African) lang=en-ZA
Esperanto lang=eo
Estonian lang=et
Finnish lang=fi
French lang=fr
Frisian lang=fy-NL
Fulah lang=ff
Gaelic (Scotland) lang=gd
Galician lang=gl
German lang=de
Greek lang=el
Gujarati (India) lang=gu-IN
Hebrew lang=he
Hindi (India) lang=hi-IN
Hungarian lang=hu
Icelandic lang=is
Indonesian lang=id
Irish lang=ga-IE
Italian lang=it
Kannada lang=kn
Kazakh lang=kk
Khmer lang=km
Korean lang=ko
Latvian lang=lv
Ligurian lang=lij
Lithuanian lang=lt
Lower Sorbian lang=dsb
Macedonian lang=mk
Maithili lang=mai
Malay lang=ms
Malayalam lang=ml
Marathi lang=mr
Norwegian (Bokmål) lang=nb-NO
Norwegian (Nynorsk) lang=nn-NO
Oriya lang=or
Persian lang=fa
Polish lang=pl
Portuguese (Brazilian) lang=pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) lang=pt-PT
Punjabi (India) lang=pa-IN
Romanian lang=ro
Romansh lang=rm
Russian lang=ru
Serbian lang=sr
Sinhala lang=si
Slovak lang=sk
Slovenian lang=sl
Songhai lang=son
Spanish (Argentina) lang=es-AR
Spanish (Chile) lang=es-CL
Spanish (Mexico) lang=es-MX
Spanish (Spain) lang=es-ES
Swedish lang=sv-SE
Tamil lang=ta
Telugu lang=te
Thai lang=th
Turkish lang=tr
Ukrainian lang=uk
Upper Sorbian lang=hsb
Uzbek lang=uz
Vietnamese lang=vi
Welsh lang=cy
Xhosa lang=xh

Mozilla Release Engineering


fun fact: Mozilla integrated this feature into firefox

Screen too bright at night? Yes! The DarkReader option (should be integrated into Firefox App imho) is available here and also works on Mobile (tested on Android) and does a great job (also the logo is just GREAT X-D thanks Mr Shutau 🙂

BUT! it is pretty (Javascript) slooooow

If one does not have Google Tools (Google Play Store) installed (LineageOS/Cyanogen) on your Android device, one needs a different source for apps (best verified virus free) if one needs a direct download link to firefox.apk here it is:

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