GNU Linux – how to install  gpt4all on Debian 12 – GPT4All-J: An Apache-2 Licensed Assistant-Style Chatbot: A free-to-use, locally running, privacy-aware chatbot. No GPU or internet required – dialogue with a machine: AI: How to fix democracy? – THE NEW TOURING TEST:  Humor

scientists predict human leven AI by 2047 so DON’T HOLD THE BREATH What is GPT4All-J?: An Apache-2 Licensed Assistant-Style Chatbot What is Mistral Orca? “The AI community building the future.” “The platform where the machine learning community collaborates on […]

GNU Linux how to archive website offline

if there is a website or a writing, that the user fears will be offline tomorrow… go archive it 😀 ( is doing a good job, but often-sometimes they only have stored the front page) it is possible to archive […]

All Android users: Update, Update, Update
05.Dec.2023 <- unfortunately does not export an RSS feed so a user needs to write a converter-aggregator as seen in for the news junkies – how to read news in the 21st century (APPs & RSS FEEDS) – […]