AI KI generates pictures from words
11.Jan.2023 the AI KI community maybe of artistic value? according to this AI KI, this is what a intelligent human looks like 😀   LICENSE The model is licensed with a CreativeML OpenRAIL++ license. The authors claim no […]

US military interests in 5G: killer robots

“WASHINGTON — Lockheed Martin and Verizon are experimenting with 5G-enabled drones and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads in an effort that could ultimately enhance U.S. military command and control and in-the-field targeting abilities. The two companies on Sept. 28 said […]

Google hates Tor – Any website that is blocking Tor SUCKS!

mass surveillance is real & cencorship is real: Why does Google hate Tor? Because Google is a mass-surveillance AI. And surveillance hates anonymizing networks such as Tor. That’s why the visitor of this website SHOULD donate to Tor and Signal […]

AMD Ryzen 5600G + Gigabyte Aorus B550 + 2x NVMe Kingston SA2000M81000G + RAID0 (AMD RAIDXpert2) worth it? does it work with GNU Linux? 8k Youtube Benchmark passed on GNU Linux Debian 11 MATE – enable enable SVM Mode in UEFI BIOS to enable KVM Virtualization support

hardware used: AMD Ryzen 5600G Gigabyte Aorus B550 Elite AX v1 (Rev 1.1) 2x NVMe Kingston SA2000M81000G those are DATACENTER capable NVMes! (at a pretty nice price!) energy meassurements: meassured wattage when PC was idle (doing nothing): GNU Linux Debian […]

Power Efficient Gaming – is this possible? YES IT IS! – Horizon Zero Dawn on AMD Ryzen 5600G (VEGA Cezanne OnBoard GPU) with as little as 86W! – GNU Linux using half the power of Windows 10 when Idle! #wtf? – enable enable SVM Mode in UEFI BIOS to enable KVM Virtualization support

Even managed to run this system off solar power in spring, summer and autumn, not winter X-D Of course RISC(V/ARM) based (mobile) gaming systems would be those that use the least amount of power per frame 😀 But it seems […]

GNU Linux Debian 10/11 – /etc/apt/sources.list suddenly empty (Signal?)

something must have gone wrong during a apt update && apt upgrade… the /etc/apt/sources.list suddenly… is empty. GNU Linux Debian 11 (bullseye) default sources.list non-encrypted-transmission deb bullseye main deb-src bullseye main deb bullseye-security main contrib deb-src […]

Autumn Smart Phone Photo Art

ok this is actually from summer: (108MP click on it to get full res 31.4MBytes) Links: more smart phone photo art


in order to preserve best audio quality instead of converting audio, it is better (better audio quality and also faster) to simply extract the aac from an mp4 like this: vim /scripts/ #!/bin/bash # 🙂 ffmpeg rocks! if [ -z […]

Skip Windows 11 go straight to GNU Linux Debian

Skip Windows 11 go straight to GNU Linux Debian. Windows 10: (it will just be the same with Win 11) shoving unsubscribed news down the user’s throat at every possible occation… and calling it a “service” that’s how to read […]


“nobody knows” Google? What is it? “The Google Wi-Fi Provisioner is a “set up” app/device that is used to connect you to or “provision” Google Wi-Fi and/or Google Nest WiFi products only.” (src) fun fact: if it is uninstalled… wifi […]

if u have done this – u are definately a nerd

… filling out endless repeating Google Captchas about cross walks… traffic lights… busses… bicycles… on lonely friday nights… just to realize… that is programmed to never ever allow any tor user to login. so much for uncencored free speech on […]