• it actually has 2x temp sensors 1x meassures inside usb stick 1x meassures with the metal-probe at the end of the cable
  • WARNING! it is said that it is NOT an exact temperature meassurement device (+1C or -1C) if the user needs EXACT values than the user will have to adjust it’s software to calibrate with an accurate thermometer and compensate in software for meassurement errors
  • THERE IS NO APP for Phones, it registers as a keyboard device and when the red button is pressed, it simply “types” out the values so it “works” in this keyboard-mode with every device that has USB + an text-editor (also phones), but this keyboard mode can only be considered as a last-resort mode because it will block the input of the device (can not type, while the TEMPer2 is “typing”)
hostnamectl; # tested on
Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS 
Kernel: Linux 5.15.0-91-generic
Architecture: x86-64
Hardware Vendor: QEMU (as kvm vm :D with usb forwarding :D)

hostnamectl; # also tested with
Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-17-amd64
Architecture: x86-64

su - root
apt install python3-serial

# not required
# apt install python3-hid
# apt install python3-usb

rm -rf temper/
git clone
cd temper/
git checkout TEMPer2_V4.1
git pull

# user needs to be root
su - root
./ --force 3553:a001 --json
"vendorid": 13651,
"productid": 40961,
"manufacturer": "PCsensor",
"product": "TEMPer2",
"busnum": 1,
"devnum": 6,
"devices": [
"port": "1-6.4",
"firmware": "TEMPer2_V4.1",
"hex_firmware": "54454d506572325f56342e3100000000",
"hex_data": "808008274e2000008001078b4e200000",
"internal temperature": 20.87,
"external temperature": 19.31
# let's script it
cat /scripts/

# take meassurement with TEMPer2 USB thermometer every 3sec

LOGFILE=/scripts/$(date '+%Y-%m-%d').TEMPer2.log;
while true;
   printf "\n$(date '+%Y-%m-%d===%H:%M:%S')\n" | tee -a $LOGFILE;
   ./ --json|grep "temperature"|tee -a $LOGFILE;
   sleep 3;

# if the user get's this error
# then pcsensor changed the firmware AGAIN
# plz open a ticket that says: "thanks for your hard work"
# have this problem it outputs this data
# and the open source world has to fix it AGAIN

"hex_firmware": "54454d506572325f56342e3100000000",
"hex_data": "808008534e200000800106974e200000",
"error": "Unknown firmware TEMPer2_V4.1\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000: b'808008534e200000800106974e200000'"

./ –force 3553:a001
Bus 001 Dev 003 3553:a001 TEMPer2_V4.1 Error: Unknown firmware TEMPer2_V4.1: b’808009e94e200000800109084e200000′

it at least gave an idea what could be the problem: no open source software for this SPECIFIC FIRMWARE. could NOT BE BOTHERED:
here is the official statement of the support (sales ÄT pcsensor DOOOT com):
“Hi ,
Thanks for your order,I am sorry for that,temper software only runs on windows. For linux, you can print it in Notepad in txt mode
This third party is probably not compatible with the new firmware.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Warm  regards,

please donate to:

PS: it might be also an good idea to simply build an odroid or raspberry or other hardware weather station and connect per LAN

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