this might be the ULTIMATE motivation to make companies (!) (finally?) migrate to GNU Linux? No?

‘The company also plans to publish further findings on the activities in Microsoft’s network in the future. Why the company does not manage to lock the group out of its systems for good is not specified. This may be somewhat understandable, as the attacks showed a “previously unknown global threat situation, especially with regard to sophisticated attacks by nation states.”‘ (auto translated from src)

“Cyber attackers steal emails from Microsoft’s cybersecurity department The criminal group Midnight Blizzard has gained access to emails of Microsoft employees. She probably wanted to know what Microsoft knew about her.” (auto translated from src)

“Nobelium is responsible for the SolarWinds attack, a sophisticated 2020 supply-chain attack that impacted thousands of organizations that downloaded a compromised software update, and led to the compromise of around 100 organizations, including major US government agencies like the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Justice, and Treasury.” (src)

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