ok this picture is a easy to spot fake, because of it’s quality, but the quality of fakes (pictures AND videos) is getting better and better and better:

This is scary shit, because what this means:
  • NO-ONE can effectively believe ANYTHING that ANYONE posted online ANYMORE?
    • yes deep fake video generator vendors have promises to place watermarks in their videos… but c’mon a 3rd grade kid can remove them again
    • there needs to be new mechanisms to verify if contents of a message are authentic or not
  • AI-generated “age of confusion”:
    • harms democracy
    • harms truth-finding for journalists
    • it is good for scammers, spammers and actors who do shady and illegal things and would like to confuse the heck out of the public afterwards to cover it up
  • remember the cute girl that send that “friend request” INCLUDING a video of “herself” on this-or-that-social-platform?
    • well it might have been COMPLETELY fake and only used to humiliate or even worse:
      • extract information in order to ransome by threatening to publish the private information (private phone number, private address, credit card details) and so on
  • this makes privacy-of-data even MORE important:
    • as ANYONE with enough (voice, video, text) data of another person, can effectively generate the best-possible fake-voice, fake-video and fake-text content
    • think about spammers, that hacked a mailbox, feed all the mails into AI to generate the next PERFECTLY authentic looking fake-mail with “please find the very important ransomeware.zip attached :)”


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