• PyDev enables Eclipse to support Python (and is among the leading tools for Python coding)
  • It’s also an open source project created by Aleks Totic in 2003 and kept going by Fabio Zadrozny since 2005
  • The latest release of PyDev (12.0.0) is now available and it brings a really nice speed improvement for those who are already in Python 3.12! — If you’re a LiClipse user, it’s now available in LiClipse 11

no not abandoning Debian 😀 (which is the BASIS for Ubuntu and imho)

about: eclipse: is a “MOTHERSHIP” of an IDE software.

it seems to grow every year, making this already very complex java IBM based software EVEN BIGGER.

(which is against UNIX KISS!)

never the less it has some great functionalities:

  • supports basically every language on this planet
  • mostly Open Source (?)
  • merging files with ease:
    • select two files -R-Click-> team -> compare THE BEST file compare function ever seen
  • genius shortcuts-hotkeys: (scroll down fore more info)

so let’s go

plz donate to: https://www.pydev.org/ as this developer develops and provides eclipse’s python plugin:  https://www.pydev.org/updates

100x hello world loop

for x in range(0, 100):
    print("HELLO WORLD%d" % (x))

ps: python hates brackets (for whatever reason, imho brackets are a good way to mark start and stop of a code-block, a lot of editors even highlighting the other end when one end is selected but well)

indention vs brackets if that is good or bad is an ongoing debate https://duckduckgo.com/?q=python+indention+vs+brackets+&t=ffab&ia=web

indention vs brackets if that is good or bad is an ongoing debate

git support 🙂

Styles? Changing colors?

here the problems starts X-D

selecting the eclipse dark theme… is doable

but changing the background color within 3h timeframe with those ZIG BILLIONS OF OPTIONS? ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE X-D (ignorance of UNIX KISS ANNOYING ALL USERS!)


if the developer needs to reset the color scheme go like this:

then the developer needs to restart eclipse

and go back to the Dark theme

restart eclipse again

genius shortcuts hotkeys but: Ctrl+Shift+B toggle breakpoints needs to be enabled manually

working with shortcuts hotkeys makes works MUCH more efficient

luckily eclipse has A TON of hotkeys and shortcuts, but some do not work per default

in order for all hotkeys to work the dev needs to: (search for eclipse hotkeys shortcuts cheat sheeds)

  1. tell mate desktop to use different shorcuts: Ctrl+Alt+Cursor
  2. Ctrl+Shift+B = TOGGLE BREAKPOINT, if it does not work
  • Ctrl+Alt+Cursor Up or Down = COPIES the current line 😀
  • Alt+Cursor Up or Down = move the line 😀
  • Ctrl+Backspace = delete current word
  • Ctrl+D = delete current line
  • Ctrl+Z = brink back that just deleted line (UNDO)
  • Shift+Ctrl+Z = REDO
  • Shift+Ctrl+Y = lowercase selected text
  • not genius but good to know:
    • Ctrl+F11 = run python file (just F6 WOULD HAVE BEEN TOO EASY)
    • F11 = run python file debug session (SET A BREAKPOINT BEFORE! OR IT WON’T STOP)
      • F6 = step over
      • F8 = continue (quit step debugging)
      • Ctrl+F2 = abort debug session
    • Ctrl+F6 = switch files (Ctrl+Tab WOULD HAVE BEEN TOO EASY)
    • F12 = set cursor focus to (back to) Editor
    • how to fix Ctrl+Shift+B = TOGGLE BREAKPOINT scroll way down sweet chariot…
  • what makes the “compare-two-files-and-copy-merge-differences-workflow” blazing fast is user-defined hotkeys for:
    • go to next difference
    • copy difference from left-to->right and vice versa

how to debu python that needs root (how to run eclipse as root)

vim /scripts/eclipse_as_root.sh 

echo "=== start eclipse as root to allow PyDev debugging of python that needs root access ==="
# start gparted as root without sudo
export DISPLAY=':0.0'
cp -v /home/user/.Xauthority /root/.Xauthority
# path to where eclipse is installed


has also it’s charm in the FREE COMMUNITY edition (SCROLL DOWN)

just make sure to run it virtualized and remove the virtual network cable so it can not “phone home”


great howto: https://www.vogella.com/tutorials/Python/article.html#debugging

git it up

GNU Linux review best git gui 2024 comparison – how to setup and git clone a repo via ssh with SmartGit – how to use with eclipse

keep it up and running:

don’t run it with JRE 21 X-D (it will crash all the time)

how to uninstall eclipse?

  • “Just remove the folder where it’s installed” <- thats the UNIX KISS keep it simple kind of uninstall 😀

    • also delete
      • rm -rf ~/.p2
      • rm -rf ~/.eclipse

plz donate!

https://www.pydev.org/ as this developer(s) keep the Python plugin for Eclipse upt-to-date:

already did (not mutch, but better than nuthin?)

more from PyDev.org:

PyDev enables Eclipse to support Python (and is among the leading tools for Python coding).

It’s also an open source project created by Aleks Totic in 2003 and kept going by Fabio Zadrozny since 2005.

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