currently testing the AMD workstation with the

KINGSTON SKC3000D2048G NVMe, directly attached to one of the 2x NVMe slots (no RAID), as this NVMe drive seems to offer excellent price-to-disk-size-and-performance-value, if it is a kingston-quality drive, then there should be no problems 🙂


the veteran hardware geek probably spotted the “can’t be” numbers, where the write speed is even faster than the read speeds 😀 (said it before, CrystalDiskBenchmark results have to be taken with LARGE HEAPS OF SALT (almost no meaning, almost useless, as it very likely also includes RAM caching)

ATTO DiskBenchmark with it’s Direct I/O default setting (that crashed this RAID card and got AMD’s raid to freeze) is a bit more serious in this regard

checkout this comparison by Kingston-SKC3000D2048G-2TB vs Samsung-980-Pro-NVMe-PCIe-M2-2TB

both give a 5 year warranty:



So both are probably “server capable” NVMes.

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