Brother HL-5450DN

  • most older laser printers are pretty reliable and can made to work with GNU Linux (if they support App Socket / HP JetDirect (asigned fixed IP to printer and give exact IP))
      • there is even a firmware update, that allows MFC-9465CDN to do scan2mail (PDF attached)
  • got a network port and usb
    • brother has pretty decent GNU Linux support 🙂
    • where brother might be faltering: security & updates
    • so if the user needs MAXIMUM security, maybe it’s wise to connect via USB only… (so Evil JavaScript of can not attack outdated firmware of the printer… the same for all IoT devices (cameras) btw.)
  • driver install script here:
    • but not even required (cups auto detects this LAN connected printer (assign it a fixed ip)
lsb_release -d; # tested on
Description:	Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

# with mate desktop
su - root
apt update; apt install mate-desktop-environment;
ii  mate-desktop-environment              1.24.0+4                         all          MATE Desktop Environment (metapackage)
apt install system-config-printer;

good job all involved 🙂

the MFC 9465 and 9460 and 9332 also should work “smooth” (the install script (which will download & install additional drivers) might be needed for scan functionality)

laser printers & health

  • it might be wise, to give the laser printers “it’s own room” (“get a room”) or it’s own closed cupboard or plexiglas “box”
    • do not place laser printser in rooms where people stay for longer and eat (because exhaust might cause cancer)
      • which means:
        • not in the kitchen/dining room
        • not in the living room
        • not in the sleeping room
        • make printer exhaust fans face AWAY from you
  • plus ask the boss to install filters on the output fan vents (it’s the large one on the right-top side, simply place hand on fans and see where are the “output” fans)
  • tested and yes, a lot of black sooth will accumulate here


GNU Linux -> Debian -> MATE Gnome2 install setup config Printer

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