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Rant: One day either JavaScript or AutoComplete will start ww3
25 Jun 2022

which pretty much reads like: it probably has to do with: (used in firefox and/or thunderbird?) (checkout this search for more javascript rants X-D) one day either JavaScript or Autocomplete will cause the 3rd world war: now imagine Biden […]

Mail Thunderbird – disable JavaScript
17 Dec 2019

MOZILLA ONE URGES YOU! MAKE JAVASCRIPT DISABLED IN THUNDERBIRD THE DEFAULT! Description Using the new logical assignment operators in a JavaScript switch statement could have caused a type confusion, leading to a memory corruption and a potentially exploitable crash. This […]

Now even more powerful + GPU : StarFive VisionFive 2 JH7110 64bit SoC: building a riscv pc – risc-v fedora emulator in javascript in browser
08 Oct 2019 Update: 2023: there seems to be a new version “StarFive VisionFive 2 JH7110 64bit SoC” with 4GB RAM for 84,49 Bucks or 114,49 Bucks for the 8GB RAM version CPU performance is between Raspberry Pi3 and Pi34 also remarkable: price-wise it […]

JavaScript is evil (= a major security problem)
10 Sep 2018

2020-12: another reason why JavaScript SUCKS badly and websites NEED TO WORK without JS: it might “destroy” NAT security: NAT Slipstreaming allows an attacker to remotely access any TCP/UDP service bound to a victim machine, bypassing the victim’s NAT/firewall (arbitrary […]

14 Apr 2016

onclick on : will rotate by 90° and another click will rotate back 🙂 to see the example in action click here:   [cc lang=”js” escaped=”true” width=”600″] [/cc] Links: Further readings:

22 Dec 2015

i really like wordpress… this blog is using it. what i don’t like if things become tooo “automatic”. including fonts and scripts from external sources (google) that can be changed/updated/modified anytime… they could smuggle surveillance code into a billion wordpress […]

27 Aug 2015

it’s loading all the super-efficient library.min.js Versions but you need to debug a JavaScript file? open wp-config.php in your favourite editor an add: (right after define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);) [cc lang=”php” escaped=”true” width=”600″] /** * For developers: WordPress debugging mode. * * […]

16 Jun 2015

the keyword is SVG – Scalable Vector Grafix – supported even from ie9 and later check out these massively cool examples: click on a pie slice and zoom in display the current time as a BAR CHART 😀 […]

15 Jan 2015

“Die endgültige Lösung fand Ryan Dahl dann schließlich im Januar 2009 mit Java- Script. Hier wurde ihm klar, dass diese Scriptsprache sämtliche seiner Anforderungen erfüllen könnte.” 1. non-blocking i/o (ruby too slow) 2. JavaScript war bereits seit Jahren im Web […]

31 Mar 2014

javascript jquery html form element – also submit checkboxes that have the “off” state solution: [cc lang=”js” escaped=”true” width=”500″] // serialize form, also send values for checkboxes that are “off” $(form).children().each(function() { add = “”; //access to form element via […]

13 Feb 2014

Check out the built-in function encodeURIComponent(str) and encodeURI(str). In your case, this should work: var myOtherUrl = “” + encodeURIComponent(myUrl); You have three options: escape() will not encode: @*/+ will encode http:// to http%3A// encodeURI() will not encode: ~!@#$&*()=:/,;?+’ encodeURIComponent() will not encode: ~!*()’ sources: