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Rant: One day either JavaScript or AutoComplete will start ww3
25 Jun 2022

which pretty much reads like: it probably has to do with: (used in firefox and/or thunderbird?) (checkout this search for more javascript rants X-D) one day either JavaScript or Autocomplete will cause the 3rd world war: now imagine Biden […]

Mail Thunderbird – disable JavaScript
17 Dec 2019

MOZILLA ONE URGES YOU! MAKE JAVASCRIPT DISABLED IN THUNDERBIRD THE DEFAULT! Description Using the new logical assignment operators in a JavaScript switch statement could have caused a type confusion, leading to a memory corruption and a potentially exploitable crash. This […]

StarFive RISC-V Dual Core SoC for 179 bucks – building a riscv pc – risc-v fedora emulator in javascript in browser
08 Oct 2019

Update: 2022: RISC-V Dual Core SoC for 179 bucks! where to buy? keep an eye on: RISC-V SoCs: 2018-04: RISC-V CPUs not affected by spectre & meltdown “No announced RISC-V silicon is susceptible, and the popular […]

JavaScript is evil (= a major security problem)
10 Sep 2018

2020-12: another reason why JavaScript SUCKS badly and websites NEED TO WORK without JS: it might “destroy” NAT security: NAT Slipstreaming allows an attacker to remotely access any TCP/UDP service bound to a victim machine, bypassing the victim’s NAT/firewall (arbitrary […]

14 Apr 2016

onclick on : will rotate by 90° and another click will rotate back 🙂 to see the example in action click here:   [cc lang=”js” escaped=”true” width=”600″] [/cc] Links: Further readings:

22 Dec 2015

i really like wordpress… this blog is using it. what i don’t like if things become tooo “automatic”. including fonts and scripts from external sources (google) that can be changed/updated/modified anytime… they could smuggle surveillance code into a billion wordpress […]

27 Aug 2015

it’s loading all the super-efficient library.min.js Versions but you need to debug a JavaScript file? open wp-config.php in your favourite editor an add: (right after define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);) [cc lang=”php” escaped=”true” width=”600″] /** * For developers: WordPress debugging mode. * * […]

16 Jun 2015

the keyword is SVG – Scalable Vector Grafix – supported even from ie9 and later check out these massively cool examples: click on a pie slice and zoom in display the current time as a BAR CHART 😀 […]

15 Jan 2015

“Die endgültige Lösung fand Ryan Dahl dann schließlich im Januar 2009 mit Java- Script. Hier wurde ihm klar, dass diese Scriptsprache sämtliche seiner Anforderungen erfüllen könnte.” 1. non-blocking i/o (ruby too slow) 2. JavaScript war bereits seit Jahren im Web […]

31 Mar 2014

javascript jquery html form element – also submit checkboxes that have the “off” state solution: [cc lang=”js” escaped=”true” width=”500″] // serialize form, also send values for checkboxes that are “off” $(form).children().each(function() { add = “”; //access to form element via […]

13 Feb 2014

Check out the built-in function encodeURIComponent(str) and encodeURI(str). In your case, this should work: var myOtherUrl = “” + encodeURIComponent(myUrl); You have three options: escape() will not encode: @*/+ will encode http:// to http%3A// encodeURI() will not encode: ~!@#$&*()=:/,;?+’ encodeURIComponent() will not encode: ~!*()’ sources:

26 Nov 2013

CopyProtection with javascript Protecting Your CopyRight first of all… javascript is always OpenSource… there is nothing you can do about it. So people become very creative about how to verify if a script was stolen or not. Here is one […]