IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS now U.2 M.2…

that reminds of…

USB Cable Salad of Madness – USB 3.0 and WiFi interference – Micro-USB USB-C mess has finally arrived

the list of interfaces grows by the year?

no U.2 is not:

1) the band U2

or (more likely)

2) “a form factor” “a size factor” 2U (2x rack unit heights)

NVMe upgrading old servers is a massive challenge, that not always goes as planned on any OS (see here)

GNU Linux & Windows Server 2012 R2 – benchmark results HighPoint SSD7101A-1 NVMe RAID (harddisk) card + 4x 1TB Kingston NVMe (KINGSTON SA2000M81000G) (individually and in mdadm RAID10 mode) – disk failures under Win 2012 R2

A massive challenge for SysAdmins to NVMe (NVMe is the future, SAS and SATA said to be “dead”) face that do not want to replace a long running reliable server, that has enough CPU and RAM but the RAID10 is still running on magnetic discs and could be faster…


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Kingston Europe responded:

Thank you for your email.

We understand that the naming convention for these connectors can be confusing.

  • SFF-8643 is the actual the backplane or raid controller or motherboard connector…
    • Only on client desktop motherboards it is referred to as U.2,
    • in Server environments its typically just mini-SAS or SFF-8643.
  • This connector cable can support mini-SAS or x4 PCIe lanes,
    • that is the reason it could support U.2 (SFF-8539) on the other end.
  • In Server environment the U.2 interface would be on the backplane on the driver bay side and on the backend,
    • it would be mini-SAS or slimline-SAS.
  • U.2 SFF-8539 could support SATA, SAS and NVMe.
  • SAS SFF-8482 interface on a backplane would support only SATA and SAS, but not NVMe.

If you could provide us with the make and model of your system, we could check which options you may have with our SEDC1500M drives.

Thank you Kingston to clarify this. Multiple names for the same thing? It is confusing.

more about this:


The SFF-8643 is the latest HD MiniSAS connector design for implementing HD SAS Internal interconnect solutions.

The SFF-8643 is a 36-pin ‘High Density SAS’ connector, and utilizes a plastic body typically used in internal connections.

Typical application would be a INTERNAL SAS link between a SAS HBA to SAS drives.

The SFF-8643 is compliant with the latest SAS 3.0 spec, and supports 12Gb/s data transfer protocol

The SFF-8643’s HD MiniSAS external counterpart is the SFF-8644 which is also SAS 3.0 compliant, and also supports 12Gb/s SAS data transfer speeds.

Both the SFF-8643 and the SFF-8644 can support up to 4-ports (4 lanes) of SAS data.

CS Electronics has incorporated this connector onto both cable assemblies and pcb adapters.

These newer SFF-8643 and SFF-8644 HD SAS connector interfaces have essentially replaced the older SFF-8088 external and the SFF-8087 internal SAS interfaces, however CS Electronics continues to support our customers’ needs for the older interface cables and adapters.

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12Gb/s SAS 3.0 Overview-



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