not exactly the latest hardware but still want to give users some advice where to look at.

the Gigabyte P35 DS3 has 6x SATA ports together with a tower case that can house many harddisk, makes for a great linux raid1 based “StoragePC”.

so in theory the user can have 3x RAID1 consisting of 2x SATA HDs (great fault tolerance)

(it is even possible with linux software raid mdadm to combine 3x SATA HD to one RAID1 even more fault tolerance)

or one giant RAID10 (if the user wants maximum speed)

but what if that “ArchivePC”/”StoragePC”/”BackupPC” randomly “freezes” and reboots?

not so good – in the worst case – filesystem corruption and dataloss.

(recommended to set automatic filesystem check on boot regularly, while annoying delay with ext3 to set it to )

what causes the instability so the problem seems to be RAM voltage.

(maybe also should not have mixed PC2-8500 with PC2-8400)

CMOS Batteries! “the horror”

just as solar winds… CMOS batteries can die any day X-D

so one fine day

the user’s PC’s BIOS will have “forgotten” all settings

very bad in a situation where the default settings are not sufficient to make the system work properly, especially when the CMOS battery is hard to change or the embedded systems is somewhere “build in” and can not easily be accessed.

also good to have in an “ArchivePC” or “StoragePC”: MDISCS

said to last even longer/more durable than DVD-R

the user might think: “why bother with DVDs?”

DVDs have the advantage over harddisk to be immune against solar winds/EMPs

“solar-super-storm-just-missed-earth-in-2012” (src:

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