BUT the sun is ALSO protecting Earth & Mars from EVEN MORE cosmic radiation (that voyager 1 experienced)

Veritasium: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaZ_RSt0KP8

get the Space Warn Weather App 😀 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spaceweatherlive.app

update: 2021-03:


fast answers:

EMP is a serious threat to all survival of electronic devices (esp without a proper (double!) metal casing)

get one of those:

  1. wrap whatever shall be EMP protected into cartonage + wrap aluminium foil around it
  2. place it in the EMP SHIELD CAN X-D (eBay)
  3. make sure CAN is sealed tightly

EMP is it real?

yes it is, check out this video. “how to frying a multimeter”

also crazy Iranians know the technology and are happy to share their knowledge (thanks).

more background: does the user want to know more?

it will kill “only” 15% of all cars, because electronics of cars/trucks already are “spark-resistant” designed, because sparky things with many many volts is going on under the hood.

2016: https://www.heise.de/tp/features/Schutz-vor-einem-EMP-Angriff-3222031.html

there is nothing more annoying than a backup that does not work when you need it.

strong electro magnetic (EM) fields can induce overvoltage current (too much VOLTS) into metal/wire and thus damage microchips.

  • natural:
    • Solar Storms
    • Lightning (occurs more often thanks to climate change)
      • on Juli 2019 lightning induced so much current into 2x 50m (double shielded CAT7) LAN wire, that it fried both connected devices, TP-Link Switch 5x Port, Cisco 8x port switch, Fritzbox 7170 (very reliable old boxes, only used as Wifi router, not connected to any unshielded landline/DSL phone cable)
      • both devices respond to nothing on any port, the cisco get’s pretty hot on the bottom and the LEDs are very dim. both devices have been fried! (pretty sure not by direct lightning strike! but by indirect lightning induced electro magnetic field! (lightning struck in 100m radius))
  • human made:
    • nuclear EMP
    • non-nuclear EMP

so maybe it would be a GOOD idea to put your vital backup harddisks into a shielded case?

anything that has long wires (any long wire is like an antenna) is more susceptible to EM/EMP – so avoid long copper wires (use optical/fiber for anything more than 10m or even 5m) in your phone and it-installations!

or have proper over-current protection! (from over current from power line AND internet line/phone line)

this is where wifi (also “space wifi”) beats wired connections. at worst they will not function for a as long as the thunderstorm is on, but as long as you do not get a direct hit on your antennas from lightning – your wireless internet devices / mobile phone is secure.

but WHAT MATERIAL and WHAT FORM FACTOR should that case have?

“Intentional ElectroMagnetic Interference (IEMI) is becoming a threat of real concern for defence and security, in both the public and private sectors.” (src)

Researchers irradiating an automobile with a van-mounted IEMI source demonstrated it would be possible to stop automobile operations at the distance of 500 meters and cause permanent damage at 15 meters. Swedish Defence researcher estimates that a suitcase-based IEMI source could cause upset or damage to cars, PCs, etc. on up to 50 meters distance and even a permanent damage in close vicinity. (src)

“In the Novice and Skilled categories one could also anticipate conducted attacks where access is possible, involving direct pulse or continuous wave injection onto the power and/or communication lines.”

“These should not be underestimated and can have huge impact on systems, with effects such as:

  • triggering of safety protection devices or disruption of switched mode PSUs
  • causing power cuts as well as physical denial of services (DoS) by flooding xDSL or ISDN systems
  • The ultimate threats are high-power pulses that bring about physical damage to equipment

The third category of Specialist is in the realms of research laboratories and high-end military programs with accordingly high capabilities.

This covers systems such as the Boeing CHAMP (wiki) missile and the Russian-developed RANETS-E, which is capable of a 500MW Output and range of 10km.

Plentiful information on both systems is available in the public domain.” (src)

“The weapon uses an X-band pulsed 500 MegaWatt HPM source

  • generating 10 to 20 nanosecond pulses at a 500 Hz PRF
  • and average output power of 2.5 to 5 kiloWatts.
  • The antenna is large enough to provide a gain of 45 to 50 dB in the X-band, for a total weapon weight of 5 tonnes.
  • The weapon has been described as a “radio-frequency cannon” and Russian sources credit it with a lethal range of 20 miles against the electronic guidance systems of PGMs and aircraft avionic systems.” (src)

#SinLuz Venezuela – without light: Was it the power failure an EMP attack?

“Maduro blames “imperialism” for the country’s accumulating woes, and claims the power outage was caused by an electromagnetic attack on the Guri hydroelectric complex, which supplies 80 per cent of Venezuela’s electricity.” (src: energy.economictimes.indiatimes.com)

It is unknown if Maduro will deliver evidence for this claims but it is a possibility that can not be ruled out.

It could happen to any other country as well.

This also shows – how bad it is – if any country makes itself dependent centralized power generation as for example nuclear powerplants (one big central power plant, instead of many small power plants).

Basically all of Praguays electricity comes from the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant.

if it fails for multiple days… Paraguay is screwed.

I really don’t get it – how so little is invested into Solar in those countries where there is basically abundance of sun.

Boeing CHAMP (2012)

“the AirForce is working on an non-lethal new toy. High-Powered MicroWave weapon – LOOKS LIKE NUCLEAR WEAPON SO IT CAN BE MISTAKEN!”

CHAMP’s High Power Microwave instrument that provided the disabling EMP blast is a product of Raytheon Ktech, who remotely viewed the operation. Telemetry and data from the test are now being analyzed further.

Though speculation exists surrounding the weapon’s effectiveness against military-hardened electronics, the prospects of its use are bright.

“This technology marks a new era in modern-day warfare,” said Keith Coleman, Boeing Phantom Works’ CHAMP Program Manager. “In the near future, this technology may be used to render an enemy’s electronic and data systems useless even before the first troops or aircraft arrive.”

The CHAMP program is a three-year endeavor between Boeing and U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory that hopes to eventually produce five such EMP missiles. (src)

Conference: 2019 China ASIAEM2019


“EMPs are one of those things that many people think is fake, or over-blown, or a conspiracy theorist’s dream. But they are real

According to the Commission, EMP effects represent arguably the largest-scale common-cause failure events that could affect our electric power grid and undermine our society, leaving it vulnerable on many fronts. High-voltage control cables and large transformers that control the grid are particularly vulnerable. Transformers weigh 400 tons, take two years to build, and cost $7 million apiece. We are already way behind in having backup transformers ready, so if many go out at once, we have a big problem powering our country.” (src: forbes).

history of solar storms:

1859: The Carrington Event

Would a solar storm 10,000x the Carrington Event hit earth – “the atmosphere would light up like a neon lamp and we all die” (Curtis Birnbach)

Mars lost it’s magnetic field ( that shields us from most space radiation ) about 4 billion years ago – this was enough to also lose it’s atmosphere and oceans.

The Carrington Event of 1859 was the first documented event of a solar flare impacting Earth. The event occurred at 11:18 a.m. EDT on Sept. 1 and is named after Richard Carrington, the solar astronomer who witnessed the event through his private observatory telescope and sketched the sun’s sunspots at the time. The flare was the largest documented solar storm in the last 500 years, NASA scientists have said.

According to NOAA, the Carrington solar storm event sparked major aurora displays that were visible as far south as the Caribbean. It also caused severe interruptions in global telegraph communications, even shocking some telegraph operators and sparking fires when discharges from the lines ignited telegraph paper, according to a NASA description.

1972: Solar Flare vs. AT&T

The major solar flare that erupted on Aug. 4, 1972 knocked out long-distance phone communication across some states, including Illinois, according to a NASA account.”That event, in fact, caused AT&T to redesign its power system for transatlantic cables,” NASA wrote in the account. (src)

1989: Major Power Failures From Solar Flare

In March 1989, a powerful solar flare set off a major March 13 power blackout in Canada that left six million people without electricity for nine hours.According to NASA, the flare disrupted electric power transmission from the Hydro Québec generating station and even melted some power transformers in New Jersey. This solar flare was nowhere near the same scale as the Carrington event, NASA scientists said. (src)

2000 The Bastille Day Event

The Bastille Day event takes its name from the French national holiday since it occurred the same day on July 14, 2000.

This was a major solar eruption that registered an X5 on the scale of solar flares.

The Bastille Day event caused some satellites to short-circuit and led to some radio blackouts.

It remains one of the most highly observed solar storm events and was the most powerful flare since 1989.

2003: The Ultra-Powerful Halloween Sun Storm

On Oct. 28, 2003, the sun unleashed a whopper of a solar flare. The intense sun storm was so strong it overwhelmed the spacecraft sensor measuring it. The sensor topped out at X28, already a massive flare), but later analysis found that the flare reached a peak strength of about X45, NASA has said.The solar storm was part of a string of at least nine major flares over a two-week period.

2006: X-Ray Sun Flare for Xmas

When a major X-class solar flare erupted on the sun on Dec. 5, 2006, it registered a powerful X9 on the space weather scale.This storm from the sun “disrupted satellite-to-ground communications and Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation signals for about 10 minutes,” according to a NASA description.

The sun storm was so powerful it actually damaged the solar X-ray imager instrument on the GOES 13 satellite that snapped its picture, NOAA officials said.

nuclear EMP:

“the generation of nuclear EMP was developed by Los Alamos physicist Conrad Longmire in 1963, and it is the high-altitude nuclear EMP theory that is still used today.[24]


non nuclear EMP:

according to this video: EMP CAN FRY YOUR CAR PERMANENTLY!


15% of all cars will fail by EMP, but the worst: what if nuclear power stations fail?

Matthew: get double backup spare parts with double Faraday cages

if the microchips INSIDE your harddisk are dead – that’s basically it – you either will have to ship it off to some (not EMP affected) LAB for an expensive and time consuming extraction process of the data.

But on a large scale EMP attack probably a lot of people want to do this at the same time.

so what can you do?

vehicles that are shielded against EMP:

Eurocopter Tiger https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurocopter_Tiger

is shielded by an copper/bronze-grating: https://www.quora.com/Does-a-faraday-cage-protect-a-device-against-any-EMP

“It turns out that the effectiveness of the Faraday cage is very strongly related to how thick it is, how tightly meshed it is, and what frequencies your EMP is.

They needed some pretty thick shielding before our sensors would stop picking up bursts from the weapons.

The higher the frequency, the smaller the openings need to be.

For practical EMP weapons, this means you’ll need a solid sheet of metal instead of a “cage.”

Relatively short-range EMP can also contain x-ray and gamma-ray content.  For that, a thin sheet of metal won’t cut it.

You can build the surface out of bronze screening or copper cloth, but beware of oxidation where each wire crosses another; often, steel hardware cloth (with conductive cross-overs) is a better long-term performer. If paranoid, build your shield out of continuous MIG-welded 1/4″ steel.

“if all you want is decent consumer grade shielding effectiveness to store some communication gear, you can get 80 to 100 dB of shielding (that’s 10,000x to 100,000x) just by wrapping your gadget in a layer or two of aluminum broiler foil and folding the seams tightly.

The military model for NEMP is a 50,000 Volt/meter E-field strength, so achieving even an 80 dB of shielding will yield only 5 V/m inside the shield, and maybe only 0.5 V/m with 100 dB SE.

Most any consumer equipment should (no guarantees) survive that just fine.

Electronic equipment with a CE marking has a bit more chance than non-CE equipment, as Europe requires a 3 V/m exposure test to earn the CE marking (the USA has no such requirement).

What material to use?

µ-Metall / MuMetall / RNi5 vs MCF5

Dies ist eine Handelsbezeichnung (RNi5) mit einem Anteil von 80 % Nickel, 4,5% Molybdän und Rest Eisen. Andere Bezeichnungen hierfür lauten Permalloy, Hy Mu80, Magnifer 7904. Diese Legierungen haben alle eine sehr hohe magnetische Permeabilität mit einem höchstmöglichen Dämpfungsverhältnis. Handelsbezeichnung: ASTM A753 Alloy4 (W.-Nr. 2.4545, ohne Cu) (src)

Warum wird für µ-Metall, Supra 50 und Reineisen eine Wärmeschlussbehandlung benötigt?

Nach einer Verformung wird eine Hochtemperatur Wärmebehandlung benötigt, um die kristalline Struktur neu anzuordnen sowie die Korngröße zu erhöhen. Ohne diese Wärmeschlussbehandlung werden die magnetischen Eigenschaften und die Abschirmdämpfung erheblich reduziert. (src)

Im Vergleich zu MUMETALL® hat MCF5 viele Vorteile: MUMETALL® ist weich und empfindlich, beim Biegen, bei Stößen und bei der Verarbeitung geht die Schirmung schnell verloren. MCF5 bleibt selbst bei kleinen Biegeradien flexibel aber dennoch hart. Die Schirmdämpfung bleibt selbst bei hoher mechanischer Beanspruchung erhalten. MCF5 kann einfach mit einer Schere geschnitten werden.

Technische Daten

  • Breite: 5 cm
  • Länge: 1 Laufmeter = 0,05 m²
  • Schirmung NF Magnetfeld: 30 dB (97 %)
  • Schirmdämpfung HF: 75 dB
  • Flächengewicht: 180 g/m²; Dicke: 0,02 mm; Farbe: Silber
  • Permeabilität: µ 4 = 25.000; µ max. = 100.000; Sättigungsinduktion: 0,55 T
  • Zusammensetzung: Co69, Fe4, Mo4, Nb1, Si16, B7

What form?

perfect form would be a ball – cylinder is good too.

better than nothing, but not enough?: says Curtis Birnbach

20.000€ non nuclear EMP device that can penetrate Faraday shielded cages.

Mr. Curtis Birnbach  –  CEO, CTO Advanced Fusion Systems. expert in electromagnetics, electron tubes, pulse power systems, materials science, manufacturing methods, intellectual property development, and a registered export agent.

He holds 18 US Patents, 8 foreign patents and numerous patents pending.

He has published papers with SPIE, IEEE, NASA, and EPRI.

He has consulted and worked collaboratively with the Intelligence community, US Army, US Air Force and other industrial and non-governmental organizations.

Past Experiments

“In 1958 the United States had completed six high-altitude nuclear tests, but the high-altitude tests of that year produced many unexpected results and raised many new questions. According to the U.S. Government Project Officer’s Interim Report on the Starfish Prime project:[3]

Previous high-altitude nuclear tests: YUCCA, TEAK, and ORANGE, plus the three ARGUS shots were poorly instrumented and hastily executed.

The Starfish test was originally planned as the second in the Fishbowl series, but the first launch (Bluegill) was lost by the radar tracking equipment and had to be destroyed in flight.

The initial Starfish launch attempt on June 20 was aborted in flight due to failure of the Thor launch vehicle.

The Thor missile flew a normal trajectory for 59 seconds; then the rocket engine stopped, and the missile began to break apart.

The range safety officer ordered the destruction of the missile and warhead. The missile was between 30,000 and 35,000 feet (9.1 and 10.7 km) in altitude when it was destroyed. Parts of the missile and some radioactive contamination fell upon Johnston Island and nearby Sand Island and the surrounding ocean.[4]

“On July 9, 1962, at 09:00:09 Coordinated Universal Time (11:00:09 p.m. on July 8, Honolulu time), the Starfish Prime test was detonated at an altitude of 250 miles (400 km). The coordinates of the detonation were 16°28′N 169°38′WCoordinates: 16°28′N 169°38′W.[1]

src: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starfish_Prime

Documents and the EMP Commission:

EMP Commission Report:

“No currently available modeling and simulation tools exist that can adequately address the consequences of disruptions and failures occurring simultaneously in different critical infrastructures that are dynamically interdependent.” (telecom and power)

“Many infrastructure models that do exist are local to regional in scope.”

“The Federal Government is supporting a number of initiatives to develop critical national infrastructure modeling and simulation capability as a national analysis and planning resource.

However, these are not high national priorities and are funded at less than critical mass.”

Commission Interdependencies Modeling and Simulation Workshop, Washington, D.C., June 2003.


backup download mirror: Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack – Critical national Infrastructures A2473-EMP_Commission-7MB.pdf

Kohlberg, Clark, and Morrison, “Theoretical Considerations regarding the Interdependence between Power and Telecommunications,” preprint, EMP Commission Staff Paper.

Brown and Beyeler, “Infrastructure Interdependency Analysis of EMP Effects and Potential Economic Losses,” EMP











commission members:

Dr. Joan B. Woodard

Dr. Joan B. Woodard is Executive Vice President and Deputy Laboratories Director for Nuclear Weapons at Sandia National Laboratories. Sandia’s role is to provide engineering support and design to the nation’s nuclear weapons stockpile, provide our customers with…

Dr. Lowell L. Wood, Jr.

Dr. Lowell L. Wood, Jr., is a scientist-technologist who has contributed to technical aspects of national defense, especially defense against missile attack, as well as to controlled thermonuclear fusion, laser science and applications, optical and underwater…

Dr. Gordon K. Soper

Dr. Gordon K. Soper is employed by Defense Group Inc. There he has held various senior positions where he was responsible for broad direction of corporate goals relating to company support of government customers in areas of countering the proliferation of weapons of…

Gen Richard L. Lawson, USAF (Ret.)

Gen Richard L. Lawson, USAF (Ret.), is Chairman of Energy, Environment and Security Group, Ltd., and former President and CEO of the National Mining Association. He also serves as Vice Chairman of the Atlantic Council of the U.S.; Chairman of the Energy Policy…

Mr. Henry (Hank) M. Kluepfel

Mr. Henry (Hank) M. Kluepfel is a Vice President for Corporate Development at SAIC. He is the company’s leading cyberspace security advisor to the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) and the Network Reliability and…

Dr. Robert J. Hermann

Dr. Robert J. Hermann is a Senior Partner of Global Technology Partners, LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on technology, defense aerospace, and related businesses worldwide. In 1998, Dr. Hermann retired from United Technologies Corporation (UTC), where he was…

Mr. Earl Gjelde

Mr. Earl Gjelde is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Summit Power Group Inc., and several affiliated companies, primary participants in the development of over 5,000 megawatts of natural gas fired electric and wind generating plants within the United…

Dr. John S. Foster, Jr.

Dr. John S. Foster, Jr., is Chairman of the Board of GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems, and consultant to Northrop Grumman Corporation, Technology Strategies & Alliances, Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., Intellectual Ventures, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Ninesigma,…

Dr. William R. Graham

Dr. William R. Graham is Chairman of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack. He is the retired Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of National Security Research Inc. (NSR), a Washington-based company…



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