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DO NOT CREATE SWAP AS RAID0! (you gonna want more stability and less performance: how to change swap from raid0 to raid1)

follow this guide to get full blown Debian on your kirkwood QNAP NAS:
1. hook your QNAP NAS to your DHCP-enabled LAN

2. use QFinder to find the IP, configure it as you normally would

3. ssh into it and backup firmware installed to usb stick:

cd /share/external/sdi

cat /dev/mtdblock0 > mtd0;
cat /dev/mtdblock1 > mtd1;
cat /dev/mtdblock2 > mtd2;
cat /dev/mtdblock3 > mtd3;
cat /dev/mtdblock4 > mtd4;
cat /dev/mtdblock5 > mtd5;
cd ..
umount /share/external/sdi1;

4. download the firmware:

cd /tmp;
busybox wget
busybox wget
busybox wget
busybox wget

5. run the setup

sh flash-debian

Updating MAC address…
Your MAC address is 00:08:9B:8C:xx:xx
Writing debian-installer to flash… done.
Please reboot your QNAP device.
Once the command has completed, you can reboot your QNAP device:

6. wait for long beep after reboot , re ssh into it:

ssh installer@
pwd: install

7. continue your normal debian setup and smile 🙂

you don’t have all the overkill QNAP iTunes-Server software on it anymore…