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(tested on Qnap TS-219P) 1. login to web backend 2. go to App Center and install ipkg Optiware 4. login via ssh into backend: filename: InstallScreen.sh ipkg update; # update package repository ipkg install screen; # install screen ipkg install […]


Enable SSH Access via SSH and login as the admin user with whatever that password is /etc/init.d/StartMediaService.sh stop And then disable the services by editing that file: vim /etc/init.d/StartMediaService.sh modify the line starting with MULTIMEDIA_PATH and set it to = […]

GNU Linux -> Debian how to install on Qnap Turbo Station TS-219P

UNTESTED! please checkout this excellent guide: http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/qnap/ts-219/install/ if you want a slim and sleak and reliable NAS and do WIHTOUT THE NEED for the 10.000x billion features, iTunes-Media server, Video transcoding slowing down your expensive QNAP NAS system (i think […]


  screenshot of the web gui, with all the arty farty fancy stuff: … http://www.cyrius.com/debian/kirkwood/qnap/ QNAP TS-219P and TS-219P+ Component Comment CPU Marvell Kirkwood 88F6281 A0, 1.2 GHz (TS-219P) or 88F6282 1.6 GHz (TS-219P+) RAM 512 MB DDR II Flash […]