It used to “just work” “seamlessly”, now read the “HORRORS” of reinstalling a only 4 year old iMac (2019) that Apple just does not care about anymore. (just reinstalled  LATEST 2023 Debian 12 on a 17 year old lenovo x60s (build from 2006 to 2008)… worked like charm 😀 and was done in 30min including all manual modifications, THANKS ALL INVOLVED :D)

Imho Apple has become a software quality sh** hole en pair with M$ that follows the concept:

  • “let’s instead of 3 high quality products produce 30 new products every year” (introducing complexity no one can handle (completely against UNIX KISS))
  • “let’s massive save on software dev costs (aka fire 50% of all devs) to provide maximum 3 years of software support to new device and then drop customers like hot potatoes, who cares after sales? throw away! buy new! is the Apple’s new concept” (ideally every year)
  • “sell ’em old shit as cool new features like USB-C and let the end user do the software quality testing” (Of course WHILE collecting and selling as much information about end users as possible)
    • In 2016 Samsung produced it’s first phone with USB-C, it took Apple 7 years and pressure from the EU to come to reason? (profit aka selling lightning cables that can not be used with ANY other phone or vendor except iPhones was more important than reason, now have fun looking for adapters to reuse all that old cables, chargers, adapters)
  • latest news: also support staff will be reduced, all for maximum profits of Apple and their shareholders (they do not care about their customers anymore!)
  • two possible solution:
    • what the users can do and will do: avoid Apple products like the plague
    • what Apple could do but will not do: take Apple private AGAIN and give it to someone who really cares, as it is really painfull to watch what it has become, after Steve Job’s death (he surely also was not a perfect person, but at least he was driving innovation without sacrificing quality, while now the only thing that drives Apple is profits & the stock market which means, it is concept for long-term failure)

Just as M$ (SOME) users OSX (mostly designers) users seem to be so “stuck” with their company, that they just swallow whatever pain is inflicted upon ’em.


under the hood OSX is very related to GNU Linux as they both have UNIX origin. So migrating from OSX to GNU (Debian) Linux is actually a breeze 😀

“hurray” Steve Jobs (if not already dead) would puke

It is basically IMPOSSIBLE to reinstall a iMac 2019 without resorting to “illegal” downloads that MIGHT contain malware. (GNU Linux (Debian) RUNS FINE on those older x86 Macs :D)

Windows 7 support starts to end – Skip Windows 10 – let’s go Open Source / Debian 10 GNU Linux – how to setup install tutorial experiences

yes loads of developers love their stylish Macbooks and if bad manners are a thing, whoever comes in with a not so latest x86 (Lenovo t440) is frowned upon?

While x86 Macs can run GNU Linux (Debian) natively mostly without a problem, M1 and M2 (still) not so much.

Linus: “I’ve been waiting for an ARM laptop that can run Linux for a long time. The new Air would be almost perfect, except for the OS. And I don’t have the time to tinker with it, or the inclination to fight companies that don’t want to help.” (src: znet 2020)

Never the less he tinkered with M1 anyway and managed to run Fedora while (a commenter said) “voided his Apple warranty” (?) X-D

As stated earlier OSX “online recovery” feature WAS a neat thing – if it works – it is a bootloader-feature that allows download of iso and reinstall-over-internet (it does not even support LAN? X-D only WIFI? #wtfagain X-D?)

It stopped working – because of a expired certificate “hurray” Steve Jobs: it just does NOT work (anymore) 🙁

What also does NOT work, is that Apple after Sierra 10.12 DISSALLOWS direct https download of OSX via web browser only via their own “App store” which is (u guessed it) only available for OSX.

So without a running OSX it is not possible to download OSX. “smart move” Apple. Rendering attempts to repair a Mac without a Mac as pretty tricky X-D

OpenCoure to the rescue? Only if the user owns a not-too-old Mac.

links to OSX via “Mac App Store” (which is ANOTHER store next to the “iTunes Store” (never can have enough “stores”) not available via Browser)

GNU Linux Debian had this basically for FOREVER it was called: a (software) “repository” and the client is not itunes or “Unkown App Store App” but “packagemanager” like apt.

Mac App Store, regulated by Apple, is also an app distribution and download platform that lets users find and download apps for Mac

Mac App Store, regulated by Apple, is also an app distribution and download platform that lets users find and download apps for Mac

 the user tested GNU Linux Debian on iMac 2019 and it worked just fine 😀

but wanted to run exactly 2x OSX programs: Screenflow (very easy to use but prone to crashing video editor) and LogicX so TRIED to reinstall… it was a nightmare here is how to fix Apple’s software mess:

check out what OSX exactly was on the OSX and WHAT YEAR it was released X-D

… as the x86 iMac might refuse to boot any other older or newer version of x86 OSX (again: #wtf?) in this case it was “High Sierra

next problem: Apple DOES NOT provide direct download links to their OS disc images (even M$ does! so in this case they are even WORSE than M$!)

luckily some kind and helpful user is trying to help other users and uploaded it to https://archive.org/details/mac-oshigh-sierra-10.13.4 (run the search)

      • umount /dev/sdX*; dd if=./MacOSHighSierra10.13.4.iso of=/dev/sdX; sync;
    • WARNING: needless to say: that if the user downloads from untrusted sources consider the system not save to use for online banking and do not connect it to the internet or any network AT ALL! (pure offline system for video editing, music recording actually the ONLY reason to boot OSX)

let’s setup: almost X-D

  1. hard power off mac by holding power button for more than 4 sec
  2. plugin freshly created USB stick
  3. hold left ALT button on keyboard
  4. power on mac
  5. it should present the boot stick logo like:
  6. realize that not the image file but Apple is corrupt:
  7. or in German:
    1. set the date of the mac via this command
    2. reboot it (again holding ALT)
    3. installs without a problem

celebrate X-D

maybe to the music of this: u just compensated for Apple’s (on-purpse, throw away, buy new) corruption and bad customer support can be truly proud of yourself.


no updates, except… via the EXCELLENT (THANKS ALL INVOLVED!) OpenCore 😀 (download it on the Big-Sur-Mac, install it, run it, have a empty USB stick read, select what (newer) version of OSX to install on the stick… be patient 😀

per default automatic updates fail in Big Sur: also because of expired certificate problems #wtf Apple?

so not possible to use online updates X-D

making life more complicated than absolutely necessary (introducing unecessary complexity) is against UNIX KISS

Apple is sooo much against (Open Source?) and UNIX KISS it is criminal:

  • THERE is no GNU Linux version of iTunes or the “App Store” and EVEN IF IT WAS it is COMPLETELY against UNIX K.I.S.S philsophy, completely unecessary complicating things imho a complete Apple fail
    • the moment it is REQUIRED to have a program installed just in order to get Music on and off the user’s iPod (is it still a thing?) is software-corruption and against UNIX KISS as other mp3 Music players simply mount like a USB stick, not Apple’s
  • So from a customer service point of view, this user avoids Apple since aprox 10 years LIKE THE PLEAGUE.
  • 2 years later(2023) GNU Linux on M1 and M2 is still “work in progress“:
    • “It’s worth prefacing with the (Asahi) Linux support for the Apple M2 and Apple Silicon in general remains a work-in-progress not officially supported by Apple. Asahi Linux on the MacBook Air with Apple M2 is quite usable while the Linux graphics driver support remains one of the key areas still very much a work in progress.” (src)

older OSX dmg download links without iSuckStore:

more recent direct download linkz:

(for providing these u really should consider tipping the hat)

messing around with OpenCore:

hostnamectl; # tested on
Operating System: Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Kernel: Linux 6.1.0-12-amd64
Architecture: x86-64
# with
python3 --version
Python 3.11.2
  1. get a BOOTABLE (not all are?) usb stick with at least 4GB of space
  2. download latest OpenCore release
    • unpack
    • go to folder
    • cd ./wherever/it/was/unpacked/to/OpenCore-0.9.5-RELEASE/Utilities/macrecovery/
    • in this folder the python script ./macrecovery.py is located
  3. run the script like this to download version X of OSX recovery a BaseImage, not the full OSX dmg iso! 🙁
# Lion (10.7):
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-2E6FAB96566FE58C -m 00000000000F25Y00 download
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-C3EC7CD22292981F -m 00000000000F0HM00 download

# Mountain Lion (10.8):
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-7DF2A3B5E5D671ED -m 00000000000F65100 download

# Mavericks (10.9):
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6 -m 00000000000FNN100 download

# Yosemite (10.10):
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-E43C1C25D4880AD6 -m 00000000000GDVW00 download

# El Capitan (10.11):
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-FFE5EF870D7BA81A -m 00000000000GQRX00 download

# Sierra (10.12):
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-77F17D7DA9285301 -m 00000000000J0DX00 download

# High Sierra (10.13)

python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-7BA5B2D9E42DDD94 -m 00000000000J80300 download
# this seems to download the exact same Baseimage.img with 468.2MBytes
# and md5sum 0017939030dd85f4247d6f8cf307fcdf
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-BE088AF8C5EB4FA2 -m 00000000000J80300 download

# Mojave (10.14)
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-7BA5B2DFE22DDD8C -m 00000000000KXPG00 download

# Catalina (10.15)
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-00BE6ED71E35EB86 -m 00000000000000000 download

# Big Sur (11)
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-42FD25EABCABB274 -m 00000000000000000 download

# Monterey (12)
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-FFE5EF870D7BA81A -m 00000000000000000 download

# Latest version
# ie. Ventura (13)
python3 ./macrecovery.py -b Mac-4B682C642B45593E -m 00000000000000000 download

# when done downloading (aprox 650MBytes)
# new files are found under
cd ./OpenCore-0.9.5-RELEASE/Utilities/macrecovery/com.apple.recovery.boot/
ls -lah

# convert dmg to img
su - root
apt update
apt install dmg2img
dmg2img -l BaseSystem.dmg

# sample output
dmg2img v1.6.7 (c) vu1tur (to@vu1tur.eu.org)

BaseSystem.dmg --> (partition list)

partition 0: Protective Master Boot Record (MBR : 0)
partition 1: GPT Header (Primary GPT Header : 1)
partition 2: GPT Partition Data (Primary GPT Table : 2)
partition 3:  (Apple_Free : 3)
partition 4: disk image (Apple_HFS : 4)
partition 5:  (Apple_Free : 5)
partition 6: GPT Partition Data (Backup GPT Table : 6)
partition 7: GPT Header (Backup GPT Header : 7)

# convert dmg to img
dmg2img -p 4 BaseSystem.dmg BaseSystem.dmg.img

# it's mountable like this
mkdir /mnt/BaseSystem/
mount -t hfsplus -o loop ./BaseSystem.dmg.img /mnt/BaseSystem/

# write to USB boot stick
# method 1
dd if=./BaseSystem.dmg.img of=/dev/sdb; sync;
# method 2 (does not seem to work correctly as filesystem needs fixing to be mountable?)
umount /dev/sdX*; dmg2img -p 4 BaseSystem.dmg /dev/sdX; sync;

# sample output
dmg2img v1.6.7 (c) vu1tur (to@vu1tur.eu.org)

BaseSystem.dmg --> /dev/sdb1

opening partition 4 ...             100.00%  ok

Archive successfully decompressed as /dev/sdb1

You should be able to mount the image [as root] by:

modprobe hfsplus
mount -t hfsplus -o loop /dev/sdb1 /mnt

# for whatever reason this does not produce a mountable hfs+ partition
# fix it
fsck.hfsplus -f /dev/sdX
** /dev/sdb
   Executing fsck_hfs (version 540.1-Linux).
** Checking non-journaled HFS Plus Volume.
   The volume name is macOS Base System
** Checking extents overflow file.
** Checking catalog file.
** Checking multi-linked files.
** Checking catalog hierarchy.
** Checking extended attributes file.
** Checking volume bitmap.
** Checking volume information.
   Volume header needs minor repair
** Repairing volume.
** Rechecking volume.
** Checking non-journaled HFS Plus Volume.
   The volume name is macOS Base System
** Checking extents overflow file.
** Checking catalog file.
** Checking multi-linked files.
** Checking catalog hierarchy.
** Checking extended attributes file.
** Checking volume bitmap.
** Checking volume information.
** The volume macOS Base System was repaired successfully.

# give it another
# now it (GNU Linux) can mount the hfs+ partition on the usb stick

# with high sierra it's partition 5
dmg2img -l Sierra_10.12_InstallOS.dmg

dmg2img v1.6.7 (c) vu1tur (to@vu1tur.eu.org)

Sierra_10.12_InstallOS.dmg --> (partition list)

partition 0: Protective Master Boot Record (MBR : 0)
partition 1: GPT Header (Primary GPT Header : 1)
partition 2: GPT Partition Data (Primary GPT Table : 2)
partition 3:  (Apple_Free : 3)
partition 4: EFI System Partition (C12A7328-F81F-11D2-BA4B-00A0C93EC93B : 4)
partition 5: disk image (Apple_HFS : 5)
partition 6:  (Apple_Free : 6)
partition 7: GPT Partition Data (Backup GPT Table : 7)
partition 8: GPT Header (Backup GPT Header : 8)

# extract to img
dmg2img -p 5 Sierra_10.12_InstallOS.dmg Sierra_10.12_InstallOS.dmg.img

# write to usb stick
# and realize it just does not work X-D
dd if=./Sierra_10.12_InstallOS.dmg.img of=/dev/sdX; sync;


consider donating in bitcoins to https://vu1tur.eu.org/ for the dmg2img tool

now the questions of question: when will Apple either Open Source OSX OR simply base their new OS on GNU Linux? (aprox in 7 years)

(as Google did with Android btw)

PS: it is (theoretically) possible to run iTunes via wine but it might look like this:

Has mankind lost it’s ability to learn?

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